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I know setlist forums have been going on forever, but I wanted to share what I found. This is the setlist that's making its way around Twitter and other Madonna related websites/forums. Allegedly is the closest to the official tour setlist. What do you think?

- Iconic (Feat. Mike Tyson on Backdrops)
- Unapologetic Bitch
- Don't Tell Me
- Hold Tight

- S.E.X. (backdrop)
- Holy Water / Vogue
- Deeper & Deeper (ends with GGW sample)
- Like a Virgin

- Inside Out
- Devil Pray

- Candy Shop (backdrop)
- Ghosttown

- Between the Bars
- Body Shop / La Vie En Rose
- Music Remix
- True Blue

- Take a Bow


- Love Don't Live Here Anymore (interlude)

- Living For Love
- Dress You Up / Give me All Your Luvin'
- La Isla Bonita
- Who's That Girl

- Rebel Heart

- Illuminati (backdrop feat. the celebs mentioned)
- Bitch I'm Madonna

- Holiday

What do you think?

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Sounds very true but we're is Rebel Heart?

I'm sure she will sing this against guitar in the middle of the heart

It has Rebel Heart in the Frida section.

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