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Rebel Heart album: Your Fav Top 5 songs

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The fact that we r having a hard time making a top 5 truely shows us how GREAT this album is!

THIS!!!!! Not easy at all to have a top5. I like them all (even Body Shop...). Well, actually i'm not fan of BIM. Is the only song that a keep ignoring...

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Guest PRPapi

As has been said, it's really hard to pick top five, but:

1. Wash All Over Me (Avicii dance version / demo)

2. Devil Pray

3. Rebel Heart

4. Ghosttown

5. Living for Love

(And, if we're not counting demos, then, #1 would be Devil Pray and #5 would be Bitch, I'm Madonna. ;) )

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I've only heard the album from this Monday onwards, did not hear any demos either.

So far my Top 5 are....

1. Beautiful Scars

2. Graffiti Heart

3. Best Night

4. Living For Love

5. Joan Of Arc

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Fuck. Only five?! OK, here goes:

  1. Body Shop
  2. Living for Love
  3. Ghosttown
  4. Best Night
  5. Heartbreak City

"Rebel Heart" and "Inside Out" might bump into the top five and knock out "HC" or "BN" at any given moment. They're very close to top five.

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