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  1. I really like Kleinenberg's mix. Not sure about the others.
  2. I'm gonna laugh my ass off if Holy Water actually opens the goddamn show
  3. Dem's My Titties should've been on there. Missed opportunity.
  4. Iconic seems to be the popular choice but to me it feels like something she would put towards the end of the show. She usually likes to place the really positive, euphoric songs in the last set. LFL makes more sense as the opener imo. But I actually think Holy Water could work well. It would need to be tweaked a bit but with the right intro video I can see it fitting. She could even turn it into more of a 50/50 mashup with Vogue rather than just the sample used on the album version. We know she's not against opening with a mashup (FL/IFL), and she covers both bases this way: old and new. The last time she opened with a classic it was Vogue but paired with HW it would be a completely different vibe from RIT so I doubt it would feel like a rehash. HW would definitely be a very Rebel opener.
  5. Ugh, SJWs. So many of them have become so extreme that it's getting harder and harder to tell the difference between them and the hardcore right. They've even turned against white gays at this point. But what's really worrisome is that they've started infiltrating the mainstream. The irony is most of them are middle- and upper-class whites. When I first joined Tumblr a couple years ago I looked at SJWs as a group whose actions I disagreed with, but whose endgame matched mine. Now I don't even know what their endgame is and all I see from them is hate. They're ignorant hypocrites. As for Madonna, she has the one thing they so desperately need: ACTUAL LIFE EXPERIENCE. That's infinitely more valuable than their theoretical ideologies. *Sorry for the rant. I'm just so done with the SJW bullshit.
  6. Filmed: Nice. It's just perfect besides some rough vocals but it was the last stop of the tour so it's whatever. Barcelona is a close second for the overall wackiness. Audio: Gotta go with London. That filthy mouth! It's so much fun!
  7. TNT

    45 No. 1s

    "Freedom-come-freedom-come-freedom-come-freedom-come-freedom-come-freedom-come-freedom-come" I'm convinced he hated Madonna.
  8. TNT

    45 No. 1s

    IIRC Everybody/Burning Up peaked at #3. Still, that was good enough for Sire to sign her to a full album deal! The rest as they say is history.
  9. I absolutely adore these dolls! This one is easily one of their best! The resemblance is uncanny and look at those details in the outfit.
  10. The AVH and Mindskap mixes are the best of the bunch imo. I think Ghosttown just doesn't lend itself well to being remixed. None of the vocal mixes work imo.
  11. ROL for me. It perfectly captures the spirit of the song and was considered groundbreaking at the time. Plus it's become one of her most iconic videos and looks. Music, AL, and GT are all basically tied for second. I honestly couldn't say which I like the most. They're all excellent videos and each has it's own unique atmosphere and mood. Celebration's budget is felt in the lack of actual sets. But the texture of the images feels pretty sharp and looks nice to me. The visuals fit the Benassi mix really well. It's not one of M's best but for a cheapie clip I think it's pretty good. Jump is pretty awful, definitely their worst collaboration imo. It doesn't suit the song and the low budget is painfully obvious. Both M and Jonas phoned it in.
  12. Totally blown away by Ghosttown. It's an instant classic. Everything about it works. M at her very best in all ways.
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