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Madonna Stand-up Comedy Tour 2017


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Madonna to tackle standup with the aid of her (Chris) Rock

A source close to Madonna confides the Material Girl is seeking advice from comedy legend Chris Rock on how to approach her new found passion. Chris is a close friend of Madonna and is very likely to join her on stage for a special one off performance. "He's super keen to do it but he's just worried about timing as his eldest starts high school soon", said our exclusive source.

Early details of the planned collaboration are said to involve Madonna with her arms behind her back with Chris standing behind her acting as her arms, creating hilarious mayhem. "At one point Chris will put his finger in Madonna's nose!", exclaims our clearly impressed source. Our source was hesitant to reveal anymore but hinted there would also be inappropriate groping. Well duh, it is Madonna!


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Opening Night

KFC Yum! Center - Louisville, Kentucky

Capacity 22,090 (Basketball)

17,500 (End Stage Concerts)

21,500 (NCAA Volleyball)

I thought it was Mimi's Vegas residency.

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Guest bluejean

His eldest starts high school soon :lmao:

I guess he feels the same way about this project as Madonna feels about Australia :lmao:

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