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  1. The playlist seems to have been updated. They just played Mother and Father.
  2. It also seems like most live versions are from the MDNA tour. Nothing from Drowned World, Reinvention, Confessions, Sticky... I wish Music and Ray of Light were represented more overall.
  3. I haven't heard I Want You, Secret, Human Nature, What It Feels Like For a Girl, Die Another Day and Hollywood so far. Has anyone heard any of these?
  4. Contact Sirius XM to let them know that you want Madonna to have a permanent channel. If you subscribed because of Madonna, tell them that you did and that you will be a permanent subscriber if the channel stays. Or tell them that you know more people who would subscribe if the channel stays. If you have been a subscriber for many years and you cannot use the argument above, your opinion still matters since you have given them so much money all these years. Let them know how grateful you are the channel exists and that its presence guarantees that you'll keep being a subscriber. All they care about is money and subscriptions. Show them you want the channel. If the Beatles, Elvis, Garth Brooks etc. can have a channel along with other irrelevant compared to them and Madonna artists, then M deserves one too. There is a Pitbull channel for god's shake.
  5. This is such a great station and gives so much exposure to her music. Almost 40 million people are subscribed to Siriux XM in the US and Channel 4 is right next to very popular stations like Hits1. You should contact SiriusXM and let them know that as a paying subscriber you love the station and you want it permanent like The Beatles, Elvis and others have their own stations. The most successful female recording artist if all time DESERVES a permanent channel.
  6. Nobody cares about 2nd weeks anymore. Hitting No1 would make it look successful. In the last few years there have been albums that even dropped -95% so it would be impossible for Madonna to break any drop record. Let's focus on the 1st week!
  7. You know what the saddest part is? Bastille's album is released by Universal too. It's like they are trying to sabotage her. They couldn't care less about her legacy and chart achievements. We have seen that clearly for a whole decade now.
  8. So, what's the second single in the UK and in the rest of the world outside of the US for that matter? In my home country Greece where I was for the past 2 weeks once again it is like she doesn't even exist. The same thing that happened with MDNA and Rebel Heart. Keep in mind that Celebration spent 9 weeks at No1 on the Greek Airplay Chart. How could one go from having a 9 week No1 hit to nothing overnight? The power of Warner... She used to have a very dedicated Greek team at the local Warner offices. Now no one does anything to push her music.
  9. Is this a single anywhere outside the US? What's the current single in Europe? Medellin? Crave? Future? Crave is only getting spins in the US.
  10. Should we worry about Jonas Brothers' 2nd week? They will open with 300k. They are under Republic/Universal. So shady of Universal to even risk Madonna not getting the No1 because of their 2nd week. That fucking label does not care about her.
  11. I am not sure if they are allowed or not but they have never done it anywhere outside of the US. MDNA and RH bundles were strictly for the US only.
  12. I really hope there is a miracle she somehow gets that No1 on the UK albums chart. It looks like it is going to happen in the US because they are doing the tour bundles the right way this time with physical copies, all the 1st week etc.. We should be really glad Radio2 exists. They A Listed Masterpiece, Ghosttown and now Medellin. Did they A list Living for Love too? Things could have been much worse for her Livenation albums in the UK without the exposure she got on Radio2.
  13. Announce Boston, Philly, Vegas and Miami please so that we get the ticket bundles before June 14th. I hope they don't fuck it up like they did with RH.
  14. KOST in LA played it too once. WMIA in Miami has played it 3 times so far. WMJJ in Birmingham, Alabama 4 times! Most stations detected have played it just once so far. Hopefully more later in the day. It is just iHeart stations. No other company so far.
  15. Many HOT AC and AC stations played it this morning in the US. This is getting pushed! Even WKTU in NY which is under the Top40 panel played it.
  16. The head of Maverick, Greg Thompson, has confirmed that Medelin will still be pushed only in Latin markets and Crave is going to be the de facto pop radio single. "To that end, “Crave” with Swae Lee will become the de facto pop radio single upon its release, with an official music video to soon follow. Meanwhile, “Medellín” -- which received a global television launch across Viacom networks in April -- will continue being pushed in Latin markets." https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8509948/madonna-madame-x-album-campaign-rollout
  17. Janet had a whole week of downloads, streams and YouTube views. She released it right when the tracking week began. Not on a Wednesday!
  18. On kworb's website with all the data the second version does not show up anymore on Apple Music. Have they removed it? Is it only 1 version now? That would be great news because it helps the song get higher on the rankings when one version gets all the streams.
  19. Masterpiece and Ghosttown were both A listed on Radio 2. Unfortunately, the new single is not Adult Contemporary enough for them I suppose and the Spanish lyrics don't help on Adult stations in English speaking countries. That's why they ignored Gimme All Your Luvin and Living For Love too. Not AC material. Maybe I Rise or whichever the 2nd single is will be played on Radio2. They didn't play the lead singles of the two previous albums, but they still A listed a song from each album so there is still hope.
  20. Guys, that message on Spotify's home page that says the Queen of Pop is back appears to all Spotify users or just those who have subscribed to Madonna?
  21. iTunes is not what it was in 2007-2014 but they still count on the charts. Especially for legacy acts, sales on iTunes can help a lot. The only reason Made For Now by Janet Jackson entered the Hot100 was good iTunes sales and YouTube views. It didn't do much on the streaming services.
  22. Medellín iTunes (6x #1): #1 Brazil #1 Cyprus #1 Lebanon #1 Mexico #1 Poland #1 Spain https://kworb.net/itunes/artist/madonna.html
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