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Santiago De Chile - December 19th


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Madonna has never been a media darling. Even in 1984 and 1985, when she was the hottest most talked about new star by a country mile, the press was predicting her downfall and dismissing her as a sexy, pretty girl with no talent. I started loving Madonna as an 11 year old and therefore as kids do, I kept a scrapbook of all the magazine and newspaper articles on her. I also have old scrapbooks on Olivia Newton John, Abba, Wham, Cyndi Lauper and AHA , I am not ashamed of my so called daggy taste, I wear it with pride. Anyway, I often look at my Madonna scrapbooks and I can tell you that the majority of the articles written about her were nasty, horrible and treated her like a dopey sex symbol who corrupted young girls etc. When I look at the scrapbooks on the other stars I mentioned, it is at least 95% positive, yet with Madonna, I would say honestly it would be 30% positive. Anyway, she has become the biggest star of our time so I suppose it does not matter. This is a great quote from Henry Rollins I love posted below

On this topic, someone who deserves her own paragraph is no doubt Madonna.

She took more flak than any woman who ever hit a stage.

She didn’t flinch.

She stood down the world. She did it her way and continues to.

I don't know about the rest of the world but in the US she was very well liked by the media through the release of ROL up until the release of TNBT. There were TV specials, awards galore, Oprah, Grammys, Austin Powers, good press in general... It was a bit over a year of love (they even liked all her fashion choices for the Oscars and Golden Globes!) but it started to fade with the flop movie and AP, and definitely gone by the time DWT hit the road.

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