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  1. Love that you have taken my cue and are using Queen Elaine gifs. Impeccable taste.

  2. I've had other guys I've looked into their eyes But I never knew love before 'Til you walked through my door I've had other lips I've sailed a thousand ships But no matter where I go You're the one for me baby this I know, 'cause it's True love You're the one I'm dreaming of Your heart fits me like a glove And I'm gonna be true blue baby I love you I've heard all the lines I've cried oh so many times Those tear drops they won't fall again I'm so excited 'cause you're my best friend So if you should ever doubt Wonder what love is all about Just think back and rememb
  3. I wonder how he's going to show his thankfulness to her...
  4. This is fine... ...but I long and yearn for....
  5. "Give me a record and I'll break it..." She'll keep touring as late as the Rolling Stones and/or Cher tour so we've got another 20 years (probably around 6 more tours).
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