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Madonna Blasts 'Fat' Singer EXCLUSIVE


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Guest Topaz Scorpio

I found it interesting in the last 3 tours that the back-up singers have gotten almost completely pushed to the background. Contrast that to the 3 tours prior to that where the M-Niki-Donna threesome was front and center for many songs. I think M really liked the synergy between the three of them. It's too bad things had to play out the way they did.

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Guest whatatramp

This never gets old


"While Madonna is exercising, Niki is ordering room service."


And I must confess...

Instead of greens... Vegetable-Diet.jpg

It's always chicken... 3806230_d5fb2de081.jpg

And my gut has always been a lonely hunter

but still

Dove fried to welcome me...


And my diet drew back...

Guilty of pie and cream...


Madge tried to take me in...

Madge tried to take meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :grr:

:( :( :(


niki is just whatever, shes a background singer. she would be nothing without madonna. shes good for three things.

1. the like a prayer vocal live.

2. making fun of this incessantly: bobby brown done got caught fucking on stage!!! bobby brown done got caught fucking on stage!!!

3. she was part of the trio that madonna created. wtg tour, vms, blond ambition - AND OF COURSE - the reason anyone is SITLL TALKING ABOUT HER - TRUTH OR DARE.. madonna put her on the big screen.

shes not even a mary wilson. at least mary did it on her own. madonna plucked niki and shined a spotlight on her. otherwise, she would just be a background singer that is famous for riding the coattails of the real star, ive been trying to come up with someone but i cant and that says it all - thats what niki would be - someone we couldnt remember.

if she never opened her FILTHY mouth - i wouldnt have a problem with her. shes disgusting.



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ha ha that's Australian Woman's Day back when M toured all those years ago lol

:lol: Woman's Day and New Idea used to always have negative articles about Madonna. You could never read anything positive about her in those stupid magazines. They were all quotes from "insiders" or "unnamed sources" and the stories would change every other week.

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Ok so at the end of the article it says Nikki gained weight because she was going to portray Billie Holiday in a movie acting opposite to Bruce Willis, I though it was bull but then I googled and found this:

Madonna Backup Singer To Star As Billie Holiday

Niki Haris, a backup singer for Madonna, will play Billie Holiday, and Bruce Willis is set for a key supporting role, in ``Billie`s Song,`` an independent feature film on the life of the legendary jazz singer, sources have confirmed.

The $20 million production, written and to be directed by Canadian filmmaker Gregory Marquette, is to roll in mid-February.

Reportedly, many black actresses and singers were tested for the lead role. Haris won out, sources say, because she looks and sings much like Holiday.

Haris is the daughter of jazz pianist Gene Harris. She worked with Sarah Vaughan and was seen in the Madonna documentary ``Truth or Dare`` and on the HBO specials on Madonna`s world tour.


What happened to this movie?

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