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  1. annie did what sinead would have done...well, without singing nothing compares 2 U.I get why this song is sang, but really, sinead has amazing songs that are written by her
  2. I don´t agree with these two statements. I mean,if people wanted israel to exist, it´s ok with me, and maybe, it was a good way to solve a part of the mess that happened during the second world war.Or at least, a part of the mess. The problem is that they chose a land that already had people there. I have heard about other posibilities for the Israel state, like argentina or south africa (or in the south of africa, I don´t know). I don´t know why did they were also a posibility, I mean, people lived there already. And about being the worst, well, we know that all the countries have a lot of shit under the bright constitutions and declaration of rights. But after being bombed for 50 years with movies about the holocaust, maybe I was expecting more from Israel, I guess. And, I don´t know where I have taken this idea, but somebody has mentioned other countries, not western countries, were the human rights are not respected, and that if we like them more, we could go and live there. Of course is not that. Actually, I know that my life would be more different if I had to go to live to a palestinian state, than if I have to go to israel. They are, basically, europeans living in the east part of the mediterranean sea, so I know my life would be, in that sense, similar.But that doesn´t mean that I don´t see the shit that the politicians are creating there. Politicians that have been voted and elected by a lot of israel´s citizens, of course
  3. I haven´t been following this thread, and I don´t know exactly which your opinions are. Also, my english is what it is, it works to laugh about gaga, but something so serious like this...well. But I have two very clear ideas in my mind about all this situation: israel should stop killing people right now. Yes, they have won the battle already, thousands of dead people ago. Rest of the world is seeing israel as what it is, a country that kills inocent people and, thanks to his friend USA, is going to get away with it. But the stories about the concentration camps, auswitz...these people in charge of israel are not close to that people I am starting to believe that it´s true that there is something more behind all this situation: that news about wnating to build a new/bigger canal to the east of gaza, makes sense
  4. so is it true that the new king is having an affair with Genoveva casanova?
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