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  1. At some point she will revive her UK fanbase. Eurovision could have maybe been that moment but wasn't to be. It will need a greatest hits set at Glastonbury or something similar.
  2. But she does give a fuck - look how she celebrated being #1 in the US. She wants to be #1 everywhere. Appreciate what you're saying - she's not playing it safe or doing things purely to be liked and I'm loving that, but no one can pretend she didn't care if Eurovision went well or not. I think the Eurovision debacle still doesn't explain why there weren't any musical performances on TV. For any pre-recorded show, she can always do another take. She did Ghosttown a couple of times on Jonathan Ross. But the cancellation of Madonna at the BBC, if true, does explain it. And that's actually quite depressing as I'd completely forgotten the rumour about that potentially happening! Although, if it was all booked why didn't they just go ahead with it? They could have always scheduled it outside of primetime or on BBC Two or even BBC Four if they thought it wasn't going to pull in the millions.
  3. Totally agree with all of this. I was so excited about the album release last week but various things happening meant I couldn't really take it in. A week later, I'm really appreciating it. It's still a honeymoon period for me so I don't know where I'll rank it in future, but I know it will stand the test of time. Weird that it covers so many styles but feels like such a complete album.
  4. Yes. I have always loved Mojo for this type of interview. Thanks for posting it. I haven't read it as I want to buy it now...
  5. Agree with this. The album campaign has consistently delivered over 2 months. I can't really fault it. They did lots of things right and in terms of streaming, it made sense to release the songs they did first. I'm surprised those songs didn't perform better and I'm shocked at the low views for the Crave video but no one can say it's been a bad roll out. Eurovision was a disappointment as we all know what incredible performances she delivers and this was the right time to remind the general public of that. But, that has already been discussed. We're moving into an era where stats mean less and less. Streaming records change by the day. I read an article the other day where it said Ed Sheeran has shifted 150 million albums. He's had 3 albums out so that would mean each of his albums was as successful as Thriller. Its complete rubbish. As we've seen, every artist (including Madonna) claims their album is at #1 when it hits that spot briefly on iTunes. At this stage, I'm glad of the good reviews and the fact that this album will stand the test of time. And she has just had another US #1. A stat worth bothering about. I just wish there had been more live performances on TV. I can only presume she didn't want to do this as most of the more commercial songs are duets and the others would be difficult to perform live.
  6. "Finally enough love" is an incredible lyric. Says everything in 3 words.
  7. After looking forward to the album for so long, there were a few things going on last week which meant I couldn't properly take it in. This week has been so busy but I've really started to appreciate the album and love it. It's too early to compare to other albums (I loved Rebel Heart and still think 4 of the songs are some of her absolute best) but this album has that magic that is difficult to articulate.
  8. Kylie had three very radio friendly singles and focused her promotion on the UK, doing almost every TV show going. I've been a fan of Kylie on and off throughout her career. Didn't like her last album much at all but it was perfect radio 2 fodder and I can see why it did well. As a UK fan, I'm disappointed Madame X didn't get to no.1 as I've always been so proud of her chart success here, but if you'd asked me to choose a UK or US no.1, I would have said US - it's the biggest market and it adds to her tally there. I'm pleased for her. And to be fair, good on Bruce. I would have been much more disappointed if Bastille had beaten her. I do think a UK no.1 was achievable though, even against Bruce. We won't get into Eurovision again but it's crazy she didn't do at least one other UK performance. Having said that, with Rebel Heart she did the Brits and two songs on Jonathan Ross and it was a similar scenario.
  9. Father's Day is a huge factor. People never know what to buy their dads so a Bruce album will have been the perfect choice. Although to be honest, I'm surprised he's ahead by so much. Regardless, sales of 20k are good for the UK. Frustrating that most other weeks she'd be on course for #1. Fingers crossed for #1 in US.
  10. It was a bit distracting but I liked that she made light of it at the beginning. That Temperley London dress she wore for press was stunning. That would have been cool. Anyone who doesn't follow @madonnaoutfits on Instagram should check it out
  11. That's lovely. The sort of thing that doesn't get recognised.
  12. Yes Cheryl was quite distant. Probably a bit embarrassed by her previous comments when Madonna was being very warm and friendly with her. Or maybe just unsure of what Madonna was going to say next. Madonna is such a huge star and we forget that puts everyone else on edge, so it instantly changes the dynamic when she is sharing the airtime with others. I noticed that Sheryl was the only one Madonna gave a kiss to. She shook hands with everyone else.
  13. A few people are saying the album has received mixed reviews but I don't agree. Almost all of the more respected publications have given 4 stars and a lot of the 3 star reviews have been positive. Maybe 'mixed' in that they are not all the same rating but it's not like the album is getting a load of negative reviews as well as the good ones. Q magazine used to spell out what its ratings meant and 3 stars was something like 'good but not for everybody' which I think sums this album up pretty well - although I would give it 4 stars myself, nudging 5. I think her problem sometimes is that we/reviewers judge all of her albums against her other unparalleled work rather than what else is out at the moment.
  14. Agree with this. I think the look put people off a bit but who cares. I never go on Twitter now for this reason - it's just people moaning, criticising and showing off. Still think the interaction with Ian Mckellen was awkward, maybe because they both felt they should be top billing, but the rest was fine. Just would have liked more Madonna time and a song would have been amazing.
  15. Me too. I wasn't expecting to love Come Alive as most of the reviews, from what I remember, didn't pay it much attention but it's amazing.
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