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  1. OMG at that last picture of the lady in the background looking at them kiss. Everyone is wearing a mask in public and they are kissing for promo with no mask. I wouldn't trust that surgeon he can't even wear a mask in public, let alone his client results!
  2. I never saw that interview! I could listen and watch her speak all day.
  3. So excited!!! These Wednesday video releases make the week so much better lol!
  4. I went with my friends! It was fun. They sold out of socks though. I wore my Italians Do It Better shirt from RIT!
  5. I'm planning on going this weekend with my friends! I am so excited!!
  6. This song was an instant earworm when I heard it. She must release this with a video!
  7. I’m dancing at my local gym haha...The second half of the album is life for me right now!!!
  8. I always play the first minute or so of each song and go to the next one when I first listen to an album. From that first listening I’m impressed. The beats are amazing and the album does flow! Some songs seem a little long for my liking. Instant songs I liked so far are DB, Future, Crave, Come Alive, Killers, Faz, ILDF and Mercy! I can’t wait to hear the album tomorrow morning!!
  9. I am so excited that I may just stay up tonight and wait until the album comes out on Apple Music.
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