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  1. For a split second I thought it was Debi!!
  2. I've been putting off watching The Handmaid's Tale for a little while but if M is watching it then I too will start. Cos that's how sad I am haha
  3. How the hell did Madonna and an eastenders actor end up on the same couch?? And I've never heard of this Lily girl...
  4. All these interviews are getting me so excited! Excited about the jo whiley one as I've always loved their chemistry
  5. Yay I'm so excited for this! Also, I would love to see her on Jonathan Ross
  6. She proper bit back!!! Haha, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that she did this!!!
  7. I'm actually really happy that she added those flags. I had a feeling she would do that ever since rumours of her appearance. She's always tried to spread the message of peace in the middle East (AL performance from RIT, Forbidden Love from CT etc...) It's shitty of the broadcaster to cut that bit out, bastards
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