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  1. I know!! I'm also brazilian and I have no idea why the record label decided to ship only 2k copies.
  2. And the right spotify playlists + a release on Friday to take advantage of the full tracking week.
  3. Yes! If they play the cards right, she can get it!
  4. It already has more views than the Crave video. It will be at least a "streaming hit".
  5. They added as a 40. https://www.metacritic.com/music/madame-x/madonna
  6. Source:- OCC Her 14th studio album and 27th Top 75 entry, Madame X aspired to be Madonna’s 13th No.1 but ends up being her sixth No.2, matching the debut/peak of her last studio album, Rebel Heart. Runner-up to Sam Smith’s In The Lonely Hour, Rebel Heart had first week gsales of 37,245 copies: Madame X makes a 26.90% slower start, with consumption of 27,227 units, the highest for a No.2 album thus far in 2019.Vinyl salesMadonna’s Madame X (4,628 sales)Madame X also sold 1,993 on cassette, grabbing a 72.47% share of sales in that format
  7. Faz Gostoso (Audio) has more views than the official Crave video on Youtube.
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