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  1. I find Beyonce's sound horrific but she has surely perfected what she learned from Madge when it comes to self-promotion. At her peak, anything M released was an EVENT and mistery surrounded her. Nowadays, she seems so amateurish compared to what Beyonce does. I haven't lost faith though... good ol' Madge might have one last trick up to her sleeve and release a glorious anthem later this year
  2. This era will perhaps be her most shocking yet: Madonna is just an ordinary human being. She no longer inspires resilience and power, her source of inspiration is gone, she is addicted to social media (shocking for someone who at some point didn't even watch TV), she is an awful spelling bee, she is slightly overweight, she is needy of affection... etc, etc. Are we ready for that? Will her new album at least deliver 1 hit? Just reading the lyrics and the snippet of her new song, I cringe... Maybe truly she has given us the best of her and simply she is just tired and being a sales person is easier and makes her retirement plan less stressful.
  3. After reading some comments here it seems as people do not see Madonna as a commercial artist (afraid of Spotify?????). Madonna pretty much created the hugely successful pop star! I'm sure her devotees loved RH tour but the gp still sees her as the monstrous machine who delivered Blond Ambition. I'm not ready yet to see her as a nostalgic act, I love the bad Bitch opening of MDNA your, the murderous geisha of Drowned World Tour, etc... She still makes music for the masses and deserves to be shown as such. If you are happy with her at a coffe house, it is your problem... I enjoy her sound and energy at massive clubs in Brasil every weekend like beasts uniformly bringing what she does to our souls. When she performed Give it 2 Me at the Maracanã Stadium for the Sticky n Sweet tour was as if 90 thousand shirtless beings became one
  4. 1. Get a new manager. A Project Manager for this album. 2. Clean your Instagram account. 3. Stop trying to appeal U.S. audiences only! You sell more records overseas nowadays. Embrace the power of YouTube (Shakira, Maluma...) 4. Bring back SPECTACLE. RH Tour was cute but your one performance at the MET was spectacular! 5. Don't be greedy. You might make less money but you fill stadiums in Latin America. Start your tour here! 6. Don't ever use those hideous grills ever again. They don't look good at any age (I don't blame Drake for not liking them).
  5. The performance at the MET was nothing short of brilliant. Madge at her best However the snippet of the new song was truly the weakest point. Between her masterpiece and Cohen's classic it worked well as a link but I want a fuckin' anthem as a new song!
  6. Hire a young, street smart, hungry project manager. Guy O has brought lot of cash to her but now he is so stale... He is reppin' U2!!! And they feel so old now. And stay away from social media until the single/album drops. She is awful at it! PS. Please do not use Akerlund again! he sucks!!!
  7. Voted. Although all of those Best Clubs nominees are tiny bars compared to the unparalelled The Week in São Paulo.
  8. Top three songs 1. Wash all over me 2. Ghosttown 3. Devil Pray Song that grew on you Living for Love Song that faded for you BIM Best Lyrics Wash all over me Best Vocal Ghosttown Best Melody Ghosttown Best Chorus Wash all over me Most Fun To Play Loud All top 3 Most Overrated Song Joan of Arc Most Underrated Song Wash all over me MVP Track Ghosttown Most Classic Madonna Sounding Ghosttown Most Groundbreaking BIM
  9. As of late, I'm working out the most to LFL... Too bad the world didn't catch up. Presented properly it would have had more commercial success.
  10. ^^ I agree with that. It could have been a solid EP but as a whole album... not so much. I truly believe she needs fresh and hungry management, Guy O was great but now he has aged and she hasn't.
  11. Chelle, I don't know you but you seem pretty cool. And your positive energy always feels here through your posts. Glad you had that moment! I'm so jealous for not being in Europe right now!
  12. I used to own most of them Homogenic is a Classic indeed. Jeff Buckley is sooooo boring!
  13. Her skipping South America where she reigns supreme is tragic and a terrible decision. People can pay and attend in droves... wherever she chooses to perform at. No one has her record as far as consistency in playing stadiums here. Arenas would be easy breeze. Bogotá, Lima, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rio, Porto Alegre and São Paulo would be sell outs.
  14. I'm so envious of who is going to these shows!!! She should indeed have RH Live from Paris...
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