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  1. that isn't exactly hate speech in this instance, she didn't call him for his death..also he has had many instances of criminality..were it not for the presidency...he would have likely been indicted at the very least for obstruction and yes in jail..your friend is woefully incorrect
  2. this is THE BIGGEST BUNCH OF HORSESHIT I HAVE EVER SEEN stop your trolling!!!
  3. I love this song..i will never understand the instant backlash Madonna gets whenever she has a point of view about anything regardless of which side she is on
  4. one of my favorites !!! .I was pleasantly surprised at he fact it was teased during the introduction to madame x
  5. this record is absolutely the record I have been waiting for since last year since the interview where she declared the records influences
  6. I love the sound of killers its very mourna..from the taste we got
  7. I thought it was brilliant ...I have waited for this song since the met gala... and it was called beautiful game.. it didn't disappoint
  8. this is the Madonna I have been waiting for since the met gala last year
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