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  1. Boo..boo! :blink:😜 LOL been soo long my good Aussie boo friend. To say sidetracked doesnt cut it. anymore. I know u FULLY get it. I can barely take it anymore :/ One thing to hear about it all 1000s miles away but not as toxic, vile and 24/7 grotesque as hearing and being around it right *here. Nothing worse than having to count down the days until the midterms as the only remote relief. But if there is NO check on him/it and all his zombie minion cult members I'm seriously I'm gonna look into 'power moves' outside the US. May not be overnight but def. w/in a certain time frame. So..HOW R U!?! Lucky man..to basically be ANYwhere but the US/USSR 3.0 xo

    1. Leebf


      Hey how's things. Yes been a while. All good though i understand. Life is busy and always things happening either with work or socially.

      Hopefully the vote thid year diminishes his power as he is clearly nuts. I love being in a country that makes fun of him amd calls him out. His attack on iran was reported in our media as another distraction attempt by trump. Its all fake woth him. He doesn't know what he is doing he just running a business but bad thing is its a country and he can affect it for generations to come plus affect other countries too. His dick must be so small thats why he is so power mad lol.

      I just saw his latest tweet saying they must stop russia meddling in the election as they hate him as he is hard on them lol. He is Putin's pawn and just doing everything Putin wants.

      His followers are dumb just racists who felt like they lost power as white people in Obama's years the gays the people of colour had equal rights and they hate that as did those * nuts who only support him to get their religious views as laws.

      Hopefully the rest of the coubtry wake up and boot his ass.

      Im well. Just working hard. Going back to states in October off to nyc and San Francisco again the a 11 day cruise to Caribbean so it should be fun. Just hope no hurricanes this year.

      Hope you are well and enjoy things despite that buffoon in power!

  2. how u livin, suga? =D

  3. how u livin babybugaboooo!!! xo =)

  4. Happy new year, hun. bun.!! =D

  5. heyUdoin sexy Boo =^D

  6. needs to seriously consider "removing" the scorchin/ flaming (if u know what I mean) screen name ! ;)

  7. hey doll! u know me from VH1 message boards!! Clue- buzzzzz ;) lol

  8. where have U been lol? Missed you girl! youre sooo fkin hilarious. u need to post here MORE often -ESP in the heffa/Mimi thread!!!luv ya xo

  9. LMAO at ur avatar!!! =)

  10. luv u too bug-a-boo sweets!!! lol xoxo

  11. ROFL at ur sig, dahlin'! LOL. I know Im a bit belated (obviously after all the new M release "m"adness lol) . Now it fully absorbed lolol. ;P xo

  12. youse got the moves baby boo. I hope u be causin a commotion over there makin sure she rubs her H&M leathery koochie all over Elvis record next week!!! lmao

  13. Hows your pretty little bean been flicked lately, baby? ;*DD

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