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  1. ciccone's skin is so smooth and creamy.
  2. ^ and a gorgeous face and body that can move!!
  3. october 6, 1982 happy 33rd anniversary, ciccone. 33 years of bad-ass madness. still rocking the casbah..... keep on keeping on, bitch!! <3 "Everybody" is a song by American singer-songwriter Madonna from her eponymous debut studio album Madonna (1983). It was released on October 6, 1982, by Sire Records as her debut single. Madonna had recorded a demo of the song with Steve Bray. She urged DJ Mark Kamins, who played at her dance club, to play it. He was impressed by the song and took her to Sire Records, who signed her for a two-song deal. However, after the recording of the two sing
  4. kelly is hilarious. i didn't want madonna to kick me off the rebelheart tour. haha! way groovy.
  5. ^5 ciccone!!! she is kicking down the cobblestones. so elated she is getting good press. way groovy.
  6. ciccone is so massively gorgeous and so creative. i'm in awww. go, bitch!
  7. no shit. the kid is what? 15? leave him alone so he can pop his pimple. jesus!
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