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  1. Are you questioning the validity of somebody whose Twitter nickname is “End Wokeness”? Love Nazi Twitter because it’s a fun game you can play: guess the person. You never know if the person posting these things is a genuine citizen living in the USA, a bot, or somebody from abroad interfering in the upcoming election or a combination… That person who posted this should maybe also look up the statistic which suggests that at least 25% of the Republican electorate will not vote for the Orange wannabe dictator if he is found guilty in one of those 88 indictments he is currently facing.
  2. I can’t watch that video. I grew up with her show. So sad
  3. Germany is a sovereign state and can do as they please, yes including inviting and uninviting whomever they want. If the German people disagree with their government's actions and decisions they have there right to protest or elect somebody else at the next elections. I don't see any democracy dying here.
  4. One party tried to overturn the results of a free election and is actively taking away rights of people of color, women and the LGBTQ+ community. The other party believes that the incumbent should run for a second term which is not sexy like sending a newcomer into the race. But sure, let’s create false equivalencies and do “what-about-isms”.
  5. Biden’s state of the union speech was good though. Very powerful and on point. It is not inevitable that the orange dictator is going to win the general election.
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