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  1. Oh how I wish that had happened the week of A Star is Born's release
  2. Do they come up with album era styling on the fly, or is it possible they'll plan out album promotion looks, etc during this time?
  3. I made that rumor up lol. I just wanted to see if I could get a supposed inside rumor to take flight. I guess it worked. It was Bitch I’m Madonna featuring a sample from Motownphilly and Siri.
  4. I don’t think we are getting new music soon. Whatever that song was was clearly not in the form it will be in on the album which is probably nowhere even near finalized considering she was in studio only recently.
  5. Your friend needs to re-examine his choices. jk
  6. 408 million to 305 million to 170 million. I guess we have different definitions of declining revenues. Never said she she wasn’t doing fine just that revenues were declining.
  7. I wouldn’t mind her doing a residency tour either, like Björk did. Maybe in like 8-12 cities worldwide. She needs to build demand back up as her live revenues have been declining. This is a way to do that, but the show would have to be spectacular. Then she could do a large scale tour for the next album.
  8. Everyone Guy reps has seen their star power tank. U2 has gone downhill since Guy. Alicia Keys, Amy Schumer, and alas, Madonna. I doubt she will hire a new manager though. I think she can turn the tides if she does a high caliber tv performance. Not what she's been turning out lately. She needs to do something at the level of GGW MDNA. No one in the GP knows she's still capable of things like that.
  9. Im not often a grammar nazi, but please learn the difference between the words "have" and "of".
  10. She should have gone forward as originally planned with Unapologetic Bitch as first single.
  11. It's also due to different foreign currency exchange rates from the last time she toured.
  12. They were not all top notch. There were so many instances of slow mo for no good reason. She's doing a little leg movment - let's put it in slow mo! I cringe at the beginning of Get Together where they merge her face with the background. It looks so cheesy. And they ruined Hung Up, especially the climax breakdown in the middle with the constant fades. Hung Up looked a million times better as filmed at the EMAs and Live Earth.
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