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  1. More a selfish State, I mean in the UK, Liz Trust is saying the energy companies should be allowed to make a profit. The big corps will. The U..K. voted Boris and Tories in for selfish reasons, and then start getting upset when Boris behaved like Boris. It's worrying state of affairs around the world, the rise of cost of living, yet the sales of high end luxury goods is going up. More people can't afford to eat, and a few can't get enough Gucci. Global warming, wars, the rise of the far right. We should be really sensible with money, although that might not be enough, so I guess I should go and see how much the FEL Box set is going for...
  2. I pay 3 times as my.uch as I used to since April, 3 times more in the summer, when dont even use that much energy. If you have a job, and a roof over your head, hopefully you are being sensible and saving in case things get worse, seems they will. Sad that some people/companies are taking advantage, making record profiles using lockdown/ war in Ukraine as an excuse and people/businesses who need to charge more to survive are dying. I come here to escape reality, it's a nice change to hear people complaining that the red vinyl is not red enough, or their box set hasn't arrived and it's causing Belgian Stress but understand people need to talk about it. For those, who are losing their jobs, roofs over their heads, it's 10 times worse, but it's stressful even for people who have a job etc.
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