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  1. Hey There Stalker


  3. hey bint, clear your god damn inbox

  4. Sister Blister is about Shakira's genital herpes.

  5. OMG LOL he would kill me if he ever finds out. I can't believe I wrote that shite.

  6. You is smart. you is kind. you is important.

  7. what a dump.

  8. Sittin in the movie show dropping nasty farts

    Better not push too hard or it might be a shart

    That's right, lemme smell it

    Nasty, nasty farts silent but deadly

    Oh you nasty farts

    Nasty, nasty farts, I can do them in a medley

    Oh you nasty farts

    I don't like no exercise

    I just like tasty food

    The only nastier thing than my farts

  9. pnakut asmua

  10. oh boo hoo, you deserved it for saying something so intentionally offensive. Don't start with me bitch, go back to star wars where you belong.

  11. it's sad that I'm not a fat-ophile or I'd be into you

  12. You always love to pour, chardonnay

    I hear it when you pour, it's chardonnay

    You're not afraid to pour me, chardonnay

    I guess we're at our best when we, chardonnay

  13. GOD


  14. Ber Satu kita Teguh,,

    Ber Dua kita Upin Ipin,,

    Ber Tiga kita Trio Macan,,

    Ber Empat kita Teletubies,,

    Ber Lima kita Power Ranger,,

    Ber Enam kita boyband,,

    Ber Tujuh kita 7ICON,,

    Ber Delapan kita main PB War bareng,,

    Ber Sembilan kita Cherrybelle,,

    Ber Sepuluh kita BEN10,,

    Ber Sebelas kita Main Bola,,

    Ber Duabelas kita ditabrak afriani ..

  15. Who are you and why me!

  16. GOD

    coz i'm a ride or die

    wether you fail or fly

    well shit, at least you tried

  17. GOD

    you went out every night

    and baby it's alright

  18. have you had purple pussy for breakfast before?

  19. sugah sugah how now, take your body downtown

  20. GOD

    Ur my fav poster one of the few who truly plops for me

  21. GOD

    not me.

    loca loca loca

  22. GOD

    is it bareback???? i hope so

  23. GOD

    gorgeous... i cant wait for their career to be over and they are bums on the street so i can finally approach them and get them to star in a porno for me.

  24. you're so probed... you're so chicana.

  25. im gonna marry the goon

    imma let you flick my prune

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