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  1. The absolute meltdowns on conservative media is the best part of all of this. They're talking about defunding the FBI. Also saying that if this can happen to Trump, it can happen to anyone. I don't think the average person has to be fearful since most Americans aren't breaking multiple laws and inciting insurrections. Lock him up.
  2. It really is a minefield of an area in so many respects. With LGB individuals it was far more cut and dried: afford the the same rights as heterosexual couples because we're no different than you other than we love the same sex. This is a much more delicate dance in terms shifting public approval and acceptance because it's a iteral and complete surgical, hormonal, and physical change of human beings from one sex to another. Especially when it comes to children and teenagers. Are we granting the wishes and giving in to the many phases adolescents go through to appease them in the moment without thinking of the long term consequences? Are THEY thinking with full clarity during puberty at the age of 12, 13, 14 in terms of gender identity? Is social media influencing a lot of them during this time of self expression and exploration into thinking a full blown surgery is necessary for their own personal gender acceptance? Are parents pulling the trigger too fast if their son wears high heels (which many gay men do as a kid) or their daughter goes through a tom boy phase? But if you ask these questions, you're espousing right wing talking points or being transphobic. But I think they're completely fair questions to ask when it comes to all of this.
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