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  1. I so hope it is Madonna!!! That Sound would suit her very well! It also gives me " Stellar Collision " Vibes, an Instrumental Demo from COADF!! m.youtube.com/watch?v=12Rbjo9uM6Q
  2. Everything here seems to lead to a Drama.. Let's enjoy this awesome project and give some love and tolerance!
  3. Short Video!!! instagram.com/p/enTmfPOiRu/
  4. But i am happy for everyone of you wo are able to watch tue show in full HD glory!
  5. Bought two blu-rays, Amazon and at a local store. Bouth didn't work neither on blu-ray player nor on Vaio .. went both back today... My hopes are up for the DVD/CD combo which should be here since saturday but hasn't arrived yet ...;(
  6. My Blu-Ray Player doesn't even read the disc, WTF??????!!!!! I was so looking forwoard to 2night.....
  7. Yeah that's my channel too! When you hear her speak on radio it is relly unexpected and exciting (at least for me)! Just want to turn up the volume.everytime so everyone knows that Madonna is here to kick your ass!
  8. I have the New York Show from screens and the remasterd one and others like Opening Night in L.A., Las Vegas, Chicago (also from screens), Rome, Dusseldorf, Hannover.. bought them in 2007 on Dvd from "poppalace". Hope i can upload them for you!
  9. Oh God-donna ... She does not give a fuck about her age und does what she wants! 2013 has been an awesome Madonna year so far and not even released a new record! But she is everywhere! As said again we are really the luckiest fans!!!
  10. Yeah here in Europe it is mostly SKY! Emailed them for informations of a possible broadcast...
  11. Just found this on ChileForo: http://www.subirimagenes.com/otros-sinttulo1-8394397.html Chicos, esta info la encontre en el facebook oficial del Fans Club Lucky Star Madonna Argentina, cuya presidenta es Alejandra Silvia Ludueña. La info proviene de la filal de Universal en Polonia. “MDNA Tour DVD info.... I just wanted to share some information about the MDNA Tour DVD. I work at the factory that is manufacturing the discs and packaging! I was so excited when we got the order for Madonna's tour! Here is what I can tell you. The cover features Madonna from Masterpiece when she is standing a
  12. http://www.youtube.com/embed/FV3JKBJDyUg?rel=0 First "Secret Project" Teaser! Black eye... not really much.. but better than nothing..!!!
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