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  1. peter

    i stand in the distance ... i view from afar ...

  2. peter

    oh, i would if we were on the same continent! but then, wouldn't i need your "extra time" to grab a coffee with you? (sorry if i seemed presumptuous... was just quoting you-know-who. i think of you when i have his songs in my head!) xo

  3. peter

    just want your extra time and your ... (x)

  4. Love reading your blog! Thanks so much for sharing the treasures you've learned through all of your interviews. :)

  5. Wait, about my photo, or about the level of bitchiness on the forum in recent times? ;) Oh well, either way, it seems like it's been a long while since you posted a photo, but I recall you being quite adorable yourself! :sneakyninja: GiveussomeMOAR. ;) xo.

  6. Yup, I am! I'd like to avoid it, too -- hope it's not too crazy. I do have to go Downtown on Saturday morning for an appointment. Take care! :)

  7. I was going to post about the filming in Pittsburgh in the Dark Knight thread as well! Are you going to Heinz Field this weekend? I think I heard they're also filming in Oakland (near St. Paul's Cathedral)... If you do, avoid Mr. Bale's fists! ;)

  8. Judge Judy would be so proud of you! :)

  9. peter

    'you're filthy cute and, baby, you know it... you know it...' [LOVE the photo of you in the red shirt and black vest...] xo

  10. Thanks, sweets! You made my day... :) xo

  11. Thanks for being so sweet to me... :blush: xo

  12. peter

    Your poetry is very creative, Abe. Thanks! :)

  13. peter

    That horse just kept going 'round and 'round in circles! ;-) We were at the amusement park with my niece and nephew. xo

  14. Just wanted to give you a big hug and some encouragement. xoxo

  15. peter

    Sorry i missed your birthday, sweets. Was on hiatus... Hope you enjoyed your special day! Feel free to extend your celebration! ;) xoxo

  16. ...selves sick!) xoxo

  17. YAY! :) Welcome back! :hug with arms outstretched wide: I didn't know about your breaks, but I suppose if you're going to disappear now's the time (while there's a lull in M activity). W.E. mania will hit in a few months and you won't want to miss that. Anyway, glad you're back. Missed you so! (And next time give us some warning so we won't worry our...

  18. peter

    Yay! Such a relief! I'm not sure about Loomer leaving -- but it looks like he hasn't logged in for three weeks now. Perhaps he's just on holiday? ;) I hope, anyway. Looks like he has a Gmail address, though (from his profile). Maybe we'll have to send him a campaign of emails... xoxo

  19. peter

    Hope you have forgiven me for my Joe Henry comment - I sometimes don't make my points so clearly as they are in my head. I will be very pleased if they collaborate again, and I don't take it for granted that they will. (PS-Use your seductive self to lure back Looms!) xo

  20. loomer, where are you?! i miss you. :sad: xo

  21. Many, many thanks for sharing the Roisin! You're so thoughtful! xo

  22. peter

    Hugs and love to you! xo

  23. peter

    Hola, Papi. ;) xoxo

  24. I'm sorry I missed your birthday earlier this week... Hopefully, you're still celebrating -- because you're worth it! Happy belated birthday, Loomer! :) xoxo

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