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  1. No, but I've had my share of 'Blue Waffles.'


  2. My mind completely went blank: I totally forgot about the video premiere! But I have JUST witnessed the greatness of GGW and I am still in shock. WOW.

  3. Too beefy for my taste. Not bad looking in the face however.

  4. Ah yes, the original of all originals. Let me tell you, I do a mean Rose Royce impression whenever its time for karaoke.

  5. Oh, HAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY, by the way!

  6. For Moi? Nah. He does get points for the super boney shoulders though.

  7. Here it comes.. I hear them 808 drums

    I's burning a hole through the dance floor this era.

  8. In case you forgot... It All belongs to Me.

  9. WE HAD A WHITNEY KARAOKE TRIBUTE the other night! We butchered her songs, yes, but it was out of love!

  10. So sweet! You'll be the Bobby to my Whitney, pre-divorce. I will praise you like mad during every public appearance.

  11. :) That would be my dear friend, and roomate, Keys. Check her blog out: 20dollarnosebleed.com
  12. Sounds good; we'll end up on isanyoneup.com

  13. I'mma get a hoodie with Twinktastica on it; expect shitty quality, cell phone pictures to follow.

  14. Thank you, darling! ;)

  15. I ghet et from my mama!

  16. It is actually! I used the 'cellophane' tool on Photoscape to make it. As for my user image; I've been called many things, but 'twinktastica' is a first. Hahaha, thanks ;)

  17. I just heard this on the radio for the first time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKdauPfcUcc

    Guh-roo-vey shit.

  18. Oh My ...what I wouldn't do for that BOOK. My gay, voguing elders in all of their glory!

  19. :D Thank you. Not too be all phoney & humble, but no way! Surely I can use this FACE to do more good on this Earth (besides, models have to ***gulp*** ..you know... excrcise) Hahaha.
  20. Thanks Spazz! And same to you my handsome friend :D

  21. OH, THEY ARE FUNKY. Ahaaahaha, especially Mr Hot Stuff in the brown slacks. Love him! You and I are going on a joint tour this Fall, we'll be the hottest vanilla|chocolate duo:

  22. Thank You ;) As if I could ever leave my forum buddies!

  23. Whooop, there it is. Whooop, there it is!!!

  24. Whooop, there it is. Whooop, there it is!!!

  25. Nippy called me last night. She said you lookin do me, boo?

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