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  1. I was in section D, right next to an aisle. it was the best ever, cuz I was able to move pretty much as I pleased At first, the security guy was like "go back to your seat", but even before the first segment was done, I was already moving all over the place! So yeah, seats right next to an aisle is a great opportunity!
  2. awesome, thanks! I arrive on the 12th so good to know that there's a party on that day!
  3. any news on the after parties?
  4. This one is actually fake. There was a guy called MadonnAlex or something, and back in the early 2000s he had a great website with the most amazing fan edits. He took her arms/position from this 1991 meisel pic: this one: --->
  5. It's beautiful! I still listen to it very often! Of course it's part of my RH playlist
  6. I think we might get a 4th and final one when the tour starts! I'm hopeful about it!
  7. The covers for the singles are the only low points in this era, imo. Great videos, great performances, amazing photoshoots.... and such horrible single covers. GMAYL and GGW single covers were to die for. Sigh.
  8. well yeah, it's better, but that doesn't mean it's a great single cover
  9. Erotica Ray Of Light Confessions On A Dance Floor Rebel Heart Bedtime Stories Hard Candy Madonna Like A Prayer Like A Virgin Music MDNA True Blue American Life
  10. But yeah, This is simply spectacular:
  11. I actually ADORE this hair: That could've been amazing for the DVD shoot... Too bad she chose that Lesbian Bowie shit.
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