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  1. British woman was staying for free at the Nepalese woman house. That's why she went crazy on her cheap british ass plus the fact that it's not easy to get supplies in the area where they live.
  2. Canadian citizenship and immigration website crashed.
  3. Apparently Hillary is on her way for a midnight rally with Lady Gaga.
  4. Nikola stay strong. This world needs more people like you. I hope you'll recover soon from that ordeal.
  5. Horrifying!!! Two girls at work were crying watching that video today.
  6. Rebel Heart era is simply one of her best. I've been just as obsessed with her in the last year as I've been in the 80s and 90s.
  7. All six of mine were delivered today. The book is absolutely stunning.
  8. I was wondering about that too.
  9. Has anyone in Canada received theirs yet?
  10. Omg this is so awesome. I don't know you Rachel but I am really happy for you. You've put a smile on my face after a long and difficult day at work.
  11. I rarely hear her old hits here in Canada let alone anything from the new album. I think not having a proper label support anymore really hurt her radio play over here.
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