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Favorite Madonna Moment?

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There are far too many great Madonna moments to list them all. I will say though that one of the most amazing moments is seeing the first major transformation of Madonna's image. Her video to Live to tell was just so out of the blue with the classic look of a beautiful vintage Hollywood star and the song itself was unlike any ballad I had ever heard. Such an incredibly brave thing to do because her whole "Like a virgin" era look was copied everywhere around the world by girls and was so popular. Madonna has proven that her music, looks and image have always changed and evolved. Part of what makes her such a fascinating, fearless and admired artist.

This! It's when I finally went loonville. HA!

And of course, this is one of her finest hours too...


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Guest whatatramp





"How this woman can take the name of the mother of Christ, I don’t know.

Her show represents the rotten fruit of secularism and the absurdity

of evil."

- Cardinal Velasio De Paolis

The whole Erotica era was flawless IMO


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There are a lot of moments, but especially I am very fond of this one. I remember watching this live at home back on that time and all the Evita mania was like spreading everywhere here. Madonna had been on the set of the movie for almost two months in Buenos Aires and we were also waiting for the premiere of the movie and when I saw her walking throught that stage, with all that crowd which was acclaiming her... the really impacted me. It was different time, things or news were not spread everywhere as today so, catching up Madonna on TV was like a duty.

Here it is : Dec. 4th 1996 - Billboard Music Awards (in Las Vegas)


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Vouge S&S is without a doubt my personal favorite Madonna moment. She's gone through countless reinventions but THAT tour, THAT performance, THAT remix, THAT body...ugh. It perfectly encapsulates her raw, raunchy, sticky, sweet, sweaty, 50+ incarnation. I didn't consider myself a fan of hers until early 2008 (when Hard Candy dropped) & I remember bugging my dad ALL YEAR LONG to buy me S&S tickets. He put it off & I eventually gave up trying, until one August night, I stumbled on Youtube and watched this EXACT VIDEO:

I CALLED HIM UP AND DEMANDED TICKETS. I DIDN'T CARE WHAT SEAT, WHAT DATE, WHAT CITY, I HAD TO FUCKING GO! That shitty fan-recorded clip was everything I wanted & needed from Madonna; everything, from the incredible 4M + Vogue mashup, her hard choreography, the lack of actual clothing, EVERYTHING. I still remember memorizing the choreography & dancing along to it, live. It was the highlight of the entire concert for me. Just Madge, basked in violet light, doing her thang w/ the backup dancers dancers. Her pale sculpted body moving to the music... there's a visceral simplicity to it! Seeing it live catapulted me into full blown obsession.




U deserve 10000 reputations for this post :ohmy:

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Well, the moment she got me, was when she performed "Frozen" in the German TV Show "Wetten dass..". So the whole Frozen/Ray of light era will always be my favourite. I was just a kid back then and you just can't imagine, how great it was, to find this performance on youtube years later!

Other favourite moments/memories are the EROTICA-Performance (Confessions Tour). This is just so brilliant. When the dancer lifts her up is just so great!! Can watch it over and over again. :wow:

And of course that Vogue-performance (MTV Awards)!

ah....there are so many more!!!

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Both from the BAT era: When Slam touches her ass during the show (Material Girl I think) & she gives him the death stare & the bit when she says "You're not asking the question Motherfucker!"

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At the peak of her career controlling the press like that and standing up to the Vatican just amazes me. Who else but Madonna? :sassy:

"I have a problem with the fact that theres no air in here and I'm gonna die" her diva attitude amuses me :lol:


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1. Burning Up

2. Lucky Star

The 2 best songs ever recorded, on her first album. Their 2 accompanying videos or the BU solo on the Rebel Heart Tour add even more to their stand-alone greatness.

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