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  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! Seriously!!! He won!! America has sunk to an ultimate low. I didn't think it could any lower with George W Bush but you have surpassed that. Hillary Clinton is an awful candidate IMO, but Trump is out of this world bad
  2. I seen a video of this attack today god I was angry. RIP all those who died
  3. this is one of the worst things ive ever heard. i hope they are killed in jail. a cruel slow death is what these guys deserve
  4. that would be nice. but im praying for Secret. that song is perfection
  5. this era always to me seemed like it was from a completely different person to the Madonna that was before and came after. The songs and videos were awesome though. I never liked the librarian look at all, it was definitely a g rated family friendly era I mean even when Madonna became Esther she still had a bit of an edge to her.
  6. the cover and artwork is fantastic one of the best Madonna covers. The tracklisting and versions of songs is horrible. Could have been so much better
  7. I agree with everyone else he is definitely the hottest guy Madonna ever had
  8. Bedtime Story is one of Madonna's best singles IMO. Awesome song and awesome video
  9. what the world needs right now is another Body Of Evidence and Shanghai Surprise
  10. its like the Paradise Not For Me of Erotica. I love it!
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