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  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! Seriously!!! He won!! America has sunk to an ultimate low. I didn't think it could any lower with George W Bush but you have surpassed that. Hillary Clinton is an awful candidate IMO, but Trump is out of this world bad
  2. I seen a video of this attack today god I was angry. RIP all those who died
  3. this is one of the worst things ive ever heard. i hope they are killed in jail. a cruel slow death is what these guys deserve
  4. that would be nice. but im praying for Secret. that song is perfection
  5. For Labor's sake I would have preferred Abbott to stay on as they had a better chance of winning the next election. Turnbull for a Liberal is ok. I cant stand the Liberal party and what they stand for
  6. As of today.. Ray Of Light Music Bedtime Stories American Life Rebel Heart Erotica Hard Candy Confessions Like A Prayer Like A Virgin True Blue Madonna I'm Breathless MDNA
  7. Devil Pray or Bodyshop. Btich Im Madonna is the worst song on the album but maybe the music buying public will like that shit I definitely don't
  8. If Madonna wrote the album herself there wouldn't be an album she has never done that before and never will
  9. I love this song. Its my favourite on the album
  10. Rebel Heart has a broader mix. Confessions is great, one of the best but at the moment id prefer to listen to Rebel Heart
  11. No. RH is nothing like the Erotica era. Erotica will never be matched it was the pinnacle IMO
  12. I liked the interview but I really want to see the whole thing cant wait till march. I just wish they could skip the intro, you know giving us her history and also the family/motherhood questions got tired in 2000. seriously stick to the music!!!!!!!!
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