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  1. acko

    FYI: Morgen speelt DSS in cinematek Brussel

  2. U look so adorable in that pic, I wanna hold u

    1. Junior


      all night papi

  3. Tu dois faire un porno avec tes shorts verts

    1. Pressston


      lol,je viens juste de decouvrir ce truc profile feed ! le short vert j le porterai quand on va se capter ;-)

  4. Bravo!!!!


  6. WAs they really a hit in Messico:

    1. ULIZOS


      I have no idea, but I'm totally loving it! hahaha.

  7. acko

    C'est Richard Pryor...google him. x

  8. acko


  9. The Sééécreèèèèt Life of Arabia...*raps 'Fab Five Freddie told me everybody's fly...'*

    1. Suedehead


      People were telling me today that new Bowie song is crap! I felt a bit bad but I sort of agreed. I mean it sounds like somthing from 'hours...' and we all know what that means.. but Visconti says he's surprised that The Dame is going with that as 1st single so maybe rest is different? But to behonest I think the rest will be like a mix of 'hours...' and 'Reality' and as if 'Heathen' never happened .. but I'm just happy he's writing and recoridng...

    2. acko


      OML, Hours was what I felt...but I love the music. It's a good song. I'm more bothered

      at the audible autotune on his voice...the same way u can hear it on M's 4 Mantlepiece

  10. We need a video or pics of u at The Vogue Ball, as the mother of the house of ackoHarris I command u!

  11. & Renée Soutendijk from Spetters is the Dutch Glenn Close :-) I'll teach u how 2 say acko 2 :fag: r u going out 4 NYE? I'm staying in cuz i'm totally pfff'ed out.

  12. Pasolini I can only explain in person.

  13. That is very romatic, what u did. I might let u fuck me. Did u know that Monique van de Ven became the Dutch Meryl Streep?

  14. Does my multilingus turn u on?

    1. loomer


      You know it. Your lingual prowess makes my dick hard. Polyglot stud is the thing to aspire to! Speaking of which, I meant 2 say that Mobile Home movie is aight but I decided that Flanders destroys Wallonia. It's just not real België unless it's Dutch is it?! I was wondering what the hell happened to Rundskop, finally a theatrical release. That Matthias from Rust and Bone is a bit of alrite.

  15. acko

    I looked it up. It's the same show with different segments. Now show me ur ass.

    1. ryan


      Oh all right..., :pulls pants down:

  16. Just ban that cunt & then come over here... :fag:

    1. Ai Papi Si.

      Ai Papi Si.

      Which cunt papito?

  17. Gelukkige verjaardag!!! Bon Budget 2013! :D xxx

  18. The mother of all RUMORE clips:

  19. The mother of all RUMORE clips:

  20. The mother of all RUMORE clips:

  21. I made pasta e fagioli today :fag:

  22. Will u cook 4 me like Debi's husband?

    1. cosmic_system


      of course! I'm actually quite good!

  23. acko

    Rob + Cher 4EVER. We miss u in Queens.

    1. GOD


      the room is spinning.

      it must be the Tanquera im about to go astray...

      im like hey eye heyehe eh

      like Acko gone wild!

      Acko gone WILD!!!

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