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  1. 1. Living for Love - 8 2. Devil Pray - 10 3. Ghosttown - 10 4. Unapologetic Bitch - 9 5. Illuminati - 7 6. Bitch I'm Madonna - 6 7. Hold Tight - 9 8. Joan of Arc - 9.5 9. Iconic - 9 10. Heartbreak City - 9 11. Body Shop -5 12. Holy Water - 10 13. Inside Out -10 14. Wash All Over Me -9.5 15. Best Night -8.5 16. Veni Vidi Vici -8 17. S.E.X. - 6 18. Messiah - 10 19. Rebel Heart - 9 Bonus Tracks 20. Beautiful Scars - 8 21. Queen (sorry I don't get it) 7 22. Borrowed Time -10 23. Graffiti Heart - 8 24. Autotune Baby - 9 25. Addicted - 10
  2. "waiting in the limousine..." (echo and repeat)
  3. Someone has edited Wikipedia and says this should correctly be titled "To the Left To the Right"... regardless... its FAB!
  4. BTW UK itunes are now selling the non-stop version of COAD for 99p for some random reason...
  5. christ... I gave raising malawi some dosh a year or so ago...
  6. Totally.... still kind of numbed by the apparent stupidity of this decision..... but can't help questioning the "verdict" and definitely also feeling vicariously slapped... whilst we can all respect the adoption/trafficking laws of any country... if M is a suitable guardian for one child how can she be unsuitable for another.... am wondering how much of her divorce has played a part in the judge's decision...
  7. I finally found the Cd single in HMV Harrow on friday! So that makes 5!!
  8. Agreed but still relatively disappointing given quite how good this single was...
  9. hang on... no definitely wrong.... I was very close to the same perspective seat wise on the 11th... I've never been to a gig where you can talk in a normal voice over the music to the friend sitting beside you without having to speak particularly loudly... and where when people are singing along .. you can hear 20-30 other people's voices but you can't hear the singer properly... I dont think it was so bad that anyone deserves a refund.... but it wasn't clever... and I am sure that heads have been removed already
  10. QB I guess I agree with pretty much everything you said in your review... but some of the follow on comments above surprise me ... Wembley was definitely the worst M concert I have seen (but that's comparative) ... and yes it will look and sound amazing on the inevitable CD/DVD release 9 months after the Greatest Hits album... but sound problems notwithstanding I wouldn't have been anywhere else last Thursday night
  11. ...depending on the final form of the Warners compilation...
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