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  1. Macron is one of the few politicians who stands up to Dumb. France is nowhere near what Dumb USA is. Maybe Obama USA, but not this USA.
  2. I m shocked at the outcry for smith when it even isn’t quite true :).
  3. But many do and there is a very famous movie with Pacino in the main role.
  4. Well its the end of time folks. I never thought I d read such an answer to a sitting American president by a media.
  5. I am not black, but I find this decision ridiculous. What is racist with Gone With The Wind? It paints a picture of a certain time: when there was a slavery and the black people were indeed called the n word. Going by this logic should we forbid all medieval archives, books etc., because they are even worse? There are so many - perceived from todays viewpoint - "racist" books like The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare. Should we forbid it too? Those works of arts represented certain period of time which had a certain values and we can not go back and erase that. We should have direct
  6. Ciao Bella is my fav track from Mx. She should have done this song with Maluma as a first single.
  7. Is this for realzzz???? Omg, such an unfortunate soul
  8. See the debate with Pete and others. She was a total bitch to him. And a gay vp would be better.
  9. I dont like Klobuchar to be honest. She seems smug. Why not Budigieg?
  10. Ciao Bella is my fav too for a lead single but she is basically a feature on this song. But so what? Still I feel its the strongest song and what ppl would have loved from Madonna. I would love a WHOLE album in this (world music) (ambient) direction. God Control while a great trip is more like a rollercoaster of emotions rather than a proper song. Too many things, melodies (all good by the way). It sounds more like a musical than an actual song just like Dark Ballet. I think MX is very artistic, very rounded as an effort, but it had not many lost hit singles UNLIKE Rebel Heart.
  11. anything would be better than Trump. George Bush Jr (never thought I d say this) looks decent next to him.
  12. Hopefully you are right. We constantly underestimate how many redneck, bigoted, homophobic, sexist, racist ppl there are in USA.
  13. True on every level. The problem is she sounded TERRIBLE at the very beginning of LAP. She should have gone there with 30 back up vocalists and danced her ass off. I dont think LAP was a bad choice per se, its just that 1) her voice have never sounded so off 2) the version sucked out the life off LAP. Future is a great song, but it didn't really translate well on that stage. I dont know what would have translated well on Eurovision stage from Madame X... Maybe I Dont Search, I Find with great choreography...
  14. This pretty much. No one can convince me a total straight man could be homophobic. Most have their gay tendencies, of which they are afraid of.
  15. I also greatly prefer Madrid to Barcelona. Actually Madrid is one of my fav cities. And Spanish are super hot.
  16. Absolutely wrong. Putin has done all he can to demonise gays and this is a direct result of his rule. He has been targeting half of Europe with disinformation about gays and the moral degradation of the west (he is aligned with ultra conservatives from the west too). And it pains me to admit his hybrid war against the west succeeds in Eastern Europe. EU should wake up and expose him for what he really is.
  17. They look like they are onset of a gay porn movie. A good one. No, a great one
  18. https://www.queerty.com/everyones-salivating-elite-spanish-armys-revealing-uniforms-20200416 If you’ve found yourself feeling a little more, ahem, thirsty than usual since being on lockdown, you’re not the only one. Pretty much everyone is borderline dehydrated these days after not being able to hook up have any human contact in weeks. And then came the Spanish army to make the problem better. Or worse, depending on how you look at it. It all started a few weeks ago when photos of the army’s elite devision, La Legión, began recirculating on social media after it had been de
  19. That is really strange. Why would US send its army in Europe at this exact time???
  20. Biden doesnt seem inspirational. Hope I am wrong. Dumb has to go. I can not stand another 4 years of him dividing the west and sucking up to autocrats and madmen.
  21. But Amy doesnt come off as a sympathetic person, especially in her interaction with Pete. Seems kind of evil and obviouslly jelous, because he chips off her base. As for Bernie, if he miraculouslly gets elected (hope & pray he does if he is the nominee), he will be sabotaged left and right by the republicans and democrats and probably wont deliver 1/100 of what he has promised. That would probably hurt the dems.
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