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  1. Very very rarely. Last thing I liked that had this flavour was Rehab. I prefer straight out pop and disco pop. You know, the cheesy gay stuff. By the way if Celebrate fails to become a big hit, I ll accept there is something very wrong with the state of todays music. I know there is an element of eurodisco trash in C but I think its tongue in cheek.
  2. I love Celebration. Revolver with a rapper better? Reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly doubt it.
  3. Bennassys mix is not bad but I deffinately prefer the album version.
  4. i agree totally about c and liwb. I hope the video is with the original version.
  5. ooooooooo i love above and beyond mix of wiflfag! The video, too, is my fav M video from the 00.
  6. I ll take a fun track like BS anyday over the pretentious snorefest of WIFLFAG (original version).
  7. I have birthday tomorow and I feel this song is a personal present to me. Tnx madge I love it, I ve heard it over 100 times already.
  8. Nobody Knows Me, Hollywood, American Life???????????
  9. That comment can be made only by a person who has not been on a Madonna show. A fact.
  10. Uou, cute . She is very articulate.
  11. I love AP and I adore her vocals there.
  12. Pud, videos suck, but at least Rihana, Kylie, Justin are actually making some and if they make them, they invest more than her. I ll not excuse her LASINESS. NOt after Vogue, LAP, BS, TPOG, Frozen etc...
  13. I think she d be remembered mainly as a musical icon. Her videos sucks since 2001, but she is still the queen of pop.
  14. OAKENFOLD to PEREZ: Oakenfeld himself tells us that the music is "Cutting edge sounds combined with classic Madonna." http://perezhilton.com/2009-05-01-new-musi...madonna#respond
  15. ^Actually, it is quite iconic photograph already!
  16. ^ Actually Madonna has defended his ass couple of times lately and if he does this I ll looose all (very little if I have any) respect left for him .
  17. Her face looks much younger than it did in 2003, when she was wearing the same tracksuit.
  18. If he does it, it would look so bad, she has stucked to him and defended him many times in the recent years. I guess thats his thanks.
  19. Oh, hellz yes! Madonna has been asked to participate in yet another campaign for French fashion house Louis Vuitton! Madge will be joining photographer Steven Meisel for the shoot - the same photog who shot M's fabulous contribution to LV's Spring-Summer 2009 campaign! We can't wait!!! http://perezhilton.com/2009-04-16-strike-a-pose-2#respond HUNG UP: It looks like Madonna, who’s featured in Louis Vuitton’s spring-summer fashion campaign, will do an encore for the French luxury giant. According to sources, the pop icon will reunite soon with photographer Steven Meisel for the shoot
  20. Kind of dark tour, I dont know why. Not best look. My favourite tour is Sticky and Sweet Tour.
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