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  1. It's only been a few days since Jesus Luz called off his May-December romance with Madonna. While the superstar singer, 51, is keeping a low profile, it appears the 23-year-old model is relishing his newfound freedom in his homeland Brazil. The handsome DJ was spotted showing off his impressive physique as he paraded up and down Ipanema beach in Rio De Janeiro yesterday. Luz was spotted lounging about on the sand chatting to his friends, including a mystery female companion. As temperatures soared to 34C, Luz headed for the beach shower to cool down, to the joy of admiring female fans. M
  2. Bye bye Jesus. Madonna has reportedly called it quits with her boytoy Jesus Luz because they "ran out of things to talk about." Madge had been dating Jesus for a year now, and while neither one of them has publicly spoken about their romance, her friends think its a "miracle" it's latest as long as it did. “The problem with Jesus is as simple as it is obvious,” a friend of Madonna’s explained. “It’s the age difference. He’s 23. She’s 51. How long could it last? How it even lasted a year seems a miracle to a lot of people. He’s perfectly nice, a gentleman and very smart. But they are in suc
  3. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/2831887/Madonna-is-a-true-leg-end.html
  4. I think she looks amazing. The cheeks reversed time(if she had them at all). She looks amazing! By the way, whenever she had fuller face her eyes looked smaller - check Erotica days.
  5. isnt this jesus bro who works for her
  6. she looks amazing: like a cross between 1985 LAV Madonna and 1997 Postevita Madonna. Whatever she does, it works!
  7. Ready to head back to the States, Madonna was spotted catching a flight from London’s Heathrow Airport en route to New York City on Friday (January 29). Prior to jetting off, the Material Girl spent the previous evening enjoying an intimate meal with friends at Locanda Locatelli restaurant. Meanwhile, Madge was just recently named to a decade’s best list for her MTV Video Music Awards liplock with Britney Spears in 2003. On the Best Kiss of the Decade poll, Tobey Maguire puckering up with Kirsten Dunst in “Spider-Man” came in second while Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal’s “Brokeback Mounta
  8. She looked and sounded amazing. I love this stripped down version of Like A Prayer, I thought its very suitable for this event. A deffinite highlight. I can not understand how one can not love her look or this performance. She looked younger.
  9. madonna - borderline like a virgin - into the groove or over and over true blue - open your heart who's that girl - who's that girl you can dance - spotlight like a prayer - cherish i'm breathless - vogue immaculate collection - holiday erotica - deeper and deeper bedtime stories - bedtime story something to remember - you'll see evita - buenos aires ray of light - drowned world (substitute for love) music - paradise (not for me) the next best thing - time stood still ghv2 - drowned world(substitute for love) american life - love profusion remixed and revisited - your honesty
  10. Amazing song. In the end, HC will be appreciated as a strong album.
  11. I thought Devil was one of the best songs on HC, if not the best. Had it had an amazing video, this could ve been a big hit for her. You ll see is classic Madonna. Great SONGWRITING for a change, great lyrics, great message (very Madonna), great VOICE and more...
  12. http://www.stylelist.com/2009/12/30/madonna-angelina-jolie-digitally-aged-10-years/
  13. madonna and leonard would be amazing, hope its true.
  14. scorpio sucks. how can one get along with them (excuses to the scorpios around here).
  15. By the way, Perez didnt report on the ads. He called her granny at one point (a week ago or something). I hope he doesnt get down on her because it was a great pr.
  16. yes here you are TRUELY RIGHT. He can make me furious in the first minute and in the next: I m ready to forgive him everything... Its so wrong on so many levels. And I m leo which I ve read is compatible with libras. I wonder how u stay alive around people with noncompatible signs
  17. Have u been around libras?????????? If you have, you know what I ve meant. In their eyes they are the holders of the truth, only their oppinion is totally right and they are never ever wrong, even when the whole world thinks differently. Then the world is wrong, not them. And yes, all libras are such.
  18. And that is yours. I think everyone in the forum is well aware of it till now, but why do libras have always have to go to a crusade to IMPOSE their oppinion (even when its not mainstreet one). My brother would ve said that the world doesnt get it and his view is right though avangard. well its not like I didnt see this comming.
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