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  1. The reviews I'm reading so far are giving it a polite three-stars rather than savaging it, which to me suggests journalist groupthink for "this album is good, but the tide is against her so we can't rave about it." If the songs are like Chained to the Rhythm and Bon Appetit, I expect they are growers rather than show-ers 😉
  2. I'll take this opportunity to come out of the snake closet then too and say I'm a fan of Ms Swift's work, hehe. Strong songwriter, so-so artist (ie. doesn't have the depth to write a 'Like a Prayer' or the stones to write an 'American Life' but great at relationship-centred stuff). Terrible human, as has been revealed to me! Looking forward to her next album cycle. Wondering how she can save face, but cringing at the thought of the next round of victim-playing. Solid tunes is what really counts though and she usually has them in abundance.
  3. What a great performance. I love that strong voice she uses at the end... a lesser artist (Gaga) would have used that voice for the entire performance, but Miley sings with contrast and restraint.
  4. Not a Miley fan in the slightest, but love this new song. It sounds very intimate, both in vocal delivery and lyric content. I really liked the interview with her that someone linked to a few pages back as well, cheers.
  5. @jazzyjan your story about training that girl is horrifying! It's hard to put into words, but I feel like the current generation lacks anger and a sense of rebellion, even though with the fucked up state of the world, they arguably need it more than any generation before them. Where are the freethinkers, the artists to challenge the status quo? Everything I'm hearing (Adele, Ed Sheerhan, Taylor Swift) is just comfort music. Art to confirm what you already know, but that won't challenge you or teach you anything. I could accept Beyonce being argued for as an exception, but I'm mostly coming up blank otherwise. You know, people said 90s kids were apathetic, but Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Alanis Morissette and other huge acts at the time sound positively alive and electric in comparison to today's artists. Tove Lo is a new artist I love, but people act like she is shocking and salacious in her songs, when they are completely tame compared to what Liz Phair was doing 25 years ago. As for Madonna comparisons, it just seems like no artist today can evolve past their own "True Blue" phase. Yes they can have hit albums packed with hit songs, but they can't seem to reach deep within the fire and pull out a "Like a Prayer". There's no desire to be bold and risky with an "Erotica", there's no middle finger being thrown at society, ala "American Life". They have nothing profound to say, it's all just navel-gazing at the minutiae of their own lives. Instagram culture in song form.
  6. Loved these video clips, thanks for sharing and opening my eyes to a switched-on, articulate and awake person.