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  1. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray: Pre-order now available

    As an Aussie fan whose first live experience of Madonna was on the RHT, this dvd is an important keepsake for me, and something I desperately want to own. I hope it still gets released.
  2. Fuck it, if the letter is real, it only makes me like Madonna more. It's nice to know that even the Queen has bouts of insecurity and career uncertainty. Madonna's not a bad person for sharing private thoughts with a close friend. The close friend IS a bad person for exchanging those thoughts for cash. And yet I still haven't seen a single headline saying "Queen of Pop betrayed by confidante from the past". Funny that. I also love the glimpse into her mind at a time of personal hardship for her. It sounds like the Madonna that emerged shortly after - a woman who values family above fame, and work ethic above celebrity worship - was being born in this struggle. There's a yearning in her voice: "what do I have to do to please these people, and where do I find love and acceptance if not from them?" She'd find the answers a few years later.
  3. MADONNA REWIND: "4 Minutes"

    I didn't like it when released, nor did I like it for many years after that. But last year while jogging, I gave it a spin and suddenly noticed how she's singing about the Law of Attraction in the song, and now I really appreciate it. If you want it, you've already got it If you thought it, it better be what you want If you feel it, it must be real Just say the word and I will give you what you want
  4. Why does JEZEBEL hate her so much?

    @Nick I agree that it can be an issue in some instances. For example, it bothers me when Australian aboriginal items are made in China or elsewhere overseas and then sold by non-Indigenous people. I feel that cultural appropriation is avoided when a person colloborates with representatives from the culture they are referencing in their work. Madonna did this with Vogue, but now I see she routinely gets criticised for using certain minorities as "props", so it's set up as a 'no-win' game. @Gus love that quote, what an intelligent person Madonna is. Will read that article now. @Jazzy Jan yes to everything you said! Funny how many limits some so-called feminists try and apply to their sisters.
  5. Why does JEZEBEL hate her so much?

    Cheers, I'm going to remember that and use it in future. In regards to cultural appropriation, I've come to think of it as a sneaky assault on freedom, specifically, the freedom an artist has to express themselves.
  6. Ke$ha

    Wow, a really powerful song. The louder vocals grate a little, but I bet it was cathartic for her to sing it that way. It might do really well for her - anyone following her saga will tap into the emotion, but the song also works as an ode to an ex and a bitter break-up. Clever writing.
  7. Katy Perry thread

    http://www.avclub.com/article/katy-perry-adds-australia-koalas-list-things-shes--257695 As a massive Australian wildlife nerd, I'm conflicted about this. But ultimately, for the plight of the koala, a throwaway remark by a visiting celebrity in an advertisement is going to have much less impact on them than the sprawling housing developments and highway upgrades absolutely decimating their homes all down the east coast. I also think angry reactions are a wasted opportunity - I'm sure Katy would love to bring attention to the challenges facing wild koalas, but attacking her for a mindless comment isn't going to get that outcome, is it?
  8. Piano Bar. Madonna's next segment

    When I was daydreaming a Madonna setlist a few years ago, I imagined a slinky, seductive piano jazz section. One of the songs I imagined was the verses of Frozen, leading into the chorus of Skin, before eventually ending on the chorus of Frozen. I just love the idea of Madonna all glammed up like a film noir jazz singer, singing "do I know you from somewhere?" and uniting two great Ray of Light tracks.
  9. I Have Truth On My Side

    Couldn't have said it better myself, @Jazzy Jan! I embarrassingly came across this song quite late in my fandom and it is one of my favourites, for all the reasons you say! 💪💪
  10. Katy Perry thread

    The reviews I'm reading so far are giving it a polite three-stars rather than savaging it, which to me suggests journalist groupthink for "this album is good, but the tide is against her so we can't rave about it." If the songs are like Chained to the Rhythm and Bon Appetit, I expect they are growers rather than show-ers 😉
  11. Great to see the Queen get the kudos she deserves! 👏👏👏
  12. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray: RELEASE DATE September 15th

    My Mum caught the broadcast here in Australia and made a point of telling me how wonderful she thought it was, and that it looked like an amazing concert. She's not a huge Madonna fan (leans more towards Adele... oh Mum ) so I took it as a stamp of quality that it held her interest and garnered her admiration.
  13. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    I'll take this opportunity to come out of the snake closet then too and say I'm a fan of Ms Swift's work, hehe. Strong songwriter, so-so artist (ie. doesn't have the depth to write a 'Like a Prayer' or the stones to write an 'American Life' but great at relationship-centred stuff). Terrible human, as has been revealed to me! Looking forward to her next album cycle. Wondering how she can save face, but cringing at the thought of the next round of victim-playing. Solid tunes is what really counts though and she usually has them in abundance.
  14. Appreciate this overlooked song

    I love the classic Madonna message of the song. You can keep your guilt and shame, spirituality is about love and freedom
  15. Miley Cyrus

    What a great performance. I love that strong voice she uses at the end... a lesser artist (Gaga) would have used that voice for the entire performance, but Miley sings with contrast and restraint.