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  1. I can't get my head around how he and his cult are now chanting "lock him up" about Biden. The same tactic he tried on Hillary last time. Like, can't his followers see that jailing one's political opponents is just basic dictator stuff? It's so interesting / horrifying watching a country destroy itself from the inside. The weaponising of social media has totally blindsided the US. Scary that Russia was the first to see weapon potential in Facebook.
  2. "Taking the high road" has become the problem for left wing governments and oppositions all around the world. So frustrating to watch dirty-fighting, lying rightwing politicians square face off against the left's polite, rulebook-clasping, eggheads.
  3. 30 Rock and Scrubs are having episodes removed from streaming too, due to featuring blackface.
  4. I appreciated it without really loving it last year. But it is aging VERY well and sounds much better in 2020, particularly the ominous warnings in Dark Ballet, Future and Killers Who Are Partying.
  5. It was actually this album that finally set me free of revering critical opinion. I read review after review trashing Killers Who Are Partying, and then when I listened to the album for the first time, it was the standout track for me. Then I went back and reconsidered some of my favourite albums against their critical reviews and realised that quite often, music writers don't actually know what they are talking about. It's just some twenty-something hipster guy writing about a genre, artist or gender he feels disconnected from.
  6. It's so hard to be around people like that, Jazzy Jan. My mental mantra in those situations is "Thank you for showing me who you are." Now you are free from ever having to bend over backwards to help them at work, giving a shit about their birthday, having to politely sit with them on your lunchbreak, etc.
  7. You never know, it could be the perfect storm thanks to the pandemic and the rapidly deteriorating standard of living in the USA, not to mention terrible leadership.
  8. Apparently third degree means they won't have to prove intent to kill, which may make a conviction more likely.
  9. With its themes of upheaval, dark days and mortal peril, this album has become even more relevant to the times we find ourselves in. Part of me wonders if the psychically in tune / empaths of the world could feel the weight of a breaking point approaching during 2019. Wonder if M felt that?
  10. I think she is symptomatic of the problem we have on the Left, in our inability to choose charming figure heads. The grey area of apolitical undecided simple folk in the middle of politics that ends up deciding everything for us only get courted by the biggest, shiniest personality there is. It's unfair, but it's why outspoken buffoons who are quick with an off-the-cuff joke are getting chosen over uptight, humourless lecturers with a better grasp on policy. I've seen talk of how it's all Murdoch's fault, and to look at how NZ and Canada have escaped from his clutches... but also take a look a
  11. I think Scott Morrison is way more dangerous than Abbott. For one thing, he's smarter at hiding his sociopath ways - a few months ago, it was reported that he'd hired 'empathy consultants', to help him sound sympathetic and convincing when talking to people.
  12. @Herfaceremains I found your thoughts really interesting, thanks for sharing. Now that I've had time to sit with Madame X, I can say for me that while it's a very good album that I'm impressed by, Rebel Heart is THE album of the decade for me. I feel like MX is full of interesting concepts that appeal to my mind, but ultimately I connect best to music with my heart, and Rebel Heart offers more there. I also think that being able to see the tour for Rebel Heart made those songs all the more memorable, and as an Australian, it looks like I wont be able to have that opportunity with Madame X
  13. I was out for a drive with a friend the other weekend, with my phone playing music on shuffle, and when this song came on, my friend asked "Is this Madonna?" She only likes 80s Madonna as fun, happy music, but I thought it was interesting that even on experimental songs, Madonna still keeps her recognisable qualities and sounds.
  14. The video had me in tears by the end. I love how Madonna uses visuals not to sell a song like so many of her peers do, but to add value to and sometimes even transform its meaning. She is super clever at matching the right image to the right sound to the right word. It's also quite remarkable how they made it a 70s era piece with a modern problem inserted into it. Really drives home the loss of gun control through the decades. Studio 54 attendees didn't have to protect themselves from Pulse-style military weapon attacks.
  15. This has been advertised all week in Australia with Piers Morgan's quotes, edited around any little moment of M sass they could find. Just watched the show in trepidation though... and loved it! She was funny, interesting and magnetic.
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