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  1. It was also due to downright fake news: it was spread widely just before polling that Labor had a death/inheritance tax in the works. That swayed one person I know at least, despite being false. I also think that our preferential voting has the unintended consequence where people think they can vote Clive Palmer or Pauline Hanson as a protest of the government... and then still number the government higher than they do Labor, and blammo, government back in.
  2. Yes, that's right! When a brown-skinned terrorist inflicts carnage, we also go after the people who radicalised them, even if they themselves didn't pull the trigger. So which 'leaders' in Australia are radicalising these terrorists? How do we bring them to justice?
  3. I think Fraser Anning literally got into the Senate on 19 votes. He's there on some sort of technicality and will hopefully be lanced like the pus-filled boil that he is at the next election.
  4. This is where the politics of division leads. The so-called leaders who stoke the fires of mistrust, fear and hatred need to be held accountable.
  5. Loved these video clips, thanks for sharing and opening my eyes to a switched-on, articulate and awake person.
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