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  1. OMG that sounds brilliant. This muct be the first time she has kept one her best songs from an album as 3rd single.
  2. That makes sense. She filmed the video for God Control first so she obviously wanted it as the lead but things were changed later on.
  3. I think collectively as a group of fans we will all be debating why she hasn't used this song majorly to introduce the new album to the world...a decade ago she would of certainly taken this song to the Eurovision but we live in different times now.
  4. + it has enhanced her streaming profile through Maluma being the big digital force he is. It is odd when we read in reviews that the best of the album is yet to come but at thins point even if she has a Hung Up for 2019 which she sounds like she has in God Control the radio still wouldn't play it anyways.
  5. The fan reviews are amazing and God Control sounds immense.....like its one of her best songs in years. But I'm hanging in there now just a few more days.
  6. The album is being distributed .....now this is the time all albums leak it's impossible to keep music under wraps once it's distributed to outlets. It will leak before June 14th but that's usual as I say for all music.....but the fact we are in the actual week of release now and it's still under wraps is amazing.
  7. Have a glass of something strong or a puff on something interesting and hold on tight ! We are now 6 days away from offcial release date and the fact the album is still very much a mystery is an astonishing achievement.
  8. Nothing has leaked in full it's just small clips.
  9. Oh yes it does indeed! The whole song sounds like it will be epic. It screams single to me. (Sorry for thinking old skool)
  10. But it came off the back of Mama Mia 2 which was massive.
  11. I've just heard it and I think it sounds lush actually the whole song sounds like pop music on ecstasy. I think God Control will be one of the favourites on the album.
  12. Hmm the clip I heard was absolutely fantastic so euphoric I hope it's not spoiled with a cringe rap.
  13. Please say it's much more like the Vogue rap and not the AL rap.
  14. I think this will go down in her history as her most dynamic album. There is literally flavour from across the music spectrum Latin, disco, urban she even references Ballet it's a huge ambitious project. But ambition has always been her middle name. Iconic.
  15. Have a glass of wine. Have a beer. Have a line. Ms team are to be congratulated we are 6 days away from the release and we still only have the glorious reviews of how three quarters of the album sounds like and a couple of 10 second clips uploaded yesterday from LPs that have all been disabled now on instagram. The era has been a triumph. The album is still very much a mystery.
  16. We are 6 days away from the release date. Apart from the reviews and a few 10 second clips on the internet NOBODY has heard 3 quarters of the album. Her team are to be massively congratulated on keeping this album under wraps. Brilliant work. But please get a grip people we are literally on the eve of Madame X being released this is not disaster territory.
  17. I'm shocked they'll be no performance. It seems ludicrous not to sing something like she did on her promo rounds for RH. A performance live of a track will be better promo than just M sat there discussing Eurovision. (Which is what we will be getting)
  18. You kidding right ? All the reviews reference disco, house, deeper and deeper and vogue vibes.
  19. Well she's already shot the video for it. If it is the song with the queens.
  20. Sounds interesting.....so perhaps something very loosely similar to TICs Like a Prayer....starts slow and then the beat kicks in.
  21. This album is giving every flavour. I really think it will be her most ambitious sounding record in her entire discography. Its brilliant to hear a euphoric/dance flavour after the mid tempo gems we have had so far.
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