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  1. Don’t worry you’re safe.

    1. TearsInHeaven


      haha thanks 🙂

  2. Hi, i have not been posting for a while now but still read the threads. Would my account be considered for cancellation?

  3. TearsInHeaven

    London O2 Arena

    do you post just your negative mantra only? each and every one of your posts is just to underline how bad she is performing. we got it.
  4. TearsInHeaven

    Rebel Heart Promo Tour

    i totally forgot about the MET Gala. I hope she will be there.
  5. I'm with you Runa, you have no idea how grateful i am to be born and bred in Europe. My thoughts go to those two poor souls who fell for their disgusting trap. Death by stoning must be one of the most barbaric things ever, i feel sick just thinking about it. RIP and if there's any form of justice, i hope these monsters will pay for it.
  6. TearsInHeaven

    April 10th 1985 The Virgin tour opening night in Seattle

    amazing tour! thanks for sharing your pics Gemini
  7. TearsInHeaven

    Kenya University Massacre

    Speechless. Poor people, killed just because they are Christians. RIP to all of them what a tragedy.