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  1. London O2 Arena

    do you post just your negative mantra only? each and every one of your posts is just to underline how bad she is performing. we got it.
  2. ISIS forbids Madonna

    It was just a matter of time
  3. Boum Leaked in Full!!

    love it!!
  4. Man Spends £100,000 To Look Like Madonna

    he does what he wants with his face and the money he earns. i don't see the problem with it.
  5. I'm with you Runa, you have no idea how grateful i am to be born and bred in Europe. My thoughts go to those two poor souls who fell for their disgusting trap. Death by stoning must be one of the most barbaric things ever, i feel sick just thinking about it. RIP and if there's any form of justice, i hope these monsters will pay for it.
  6. Madonna Instagram Thread

    she's thirsty
  7. MADONNA in ASIA It's About Time....

    When i got my pre-sale code i noticed that Singapore was listed amongst the cities the tour would cover. Am i the only one who noticed it? I'm sure i did not imagine it