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  1. I know how it feels to be the talk of the town...

  2. Xaaaaaanaduuuuuuu

    1. svperstar


      There you are... a shooting star...

  3. Hotter than a 2 peckered goat.

  4. Joey

    Sexy as a sexy sexer

    1. Skin


      Thank you Mr. Joey. ;) So are we going to find out where you were hiding for so long? ha

    2. Joey


      just living life...nothing too exciting sadly LOL

  5. Where can i see the video of your signature, he's so hot

    1. Joey


      don't know what its from I just ran across it online

      its hot though

  6. spazz

    welcome back Joey :)

    1. Joey


      thanks dear =*

  7. acko

    Papa Joe is back!!

  8. Joey

    In the blink of an eye, in the flash of a smile, I remember your smell and youthful beguile

  9. I Never Thought I Would

  10. peter

    Miss you, sweet Joey! Hope all is well in your world. Was just thinking about the Madonnaweb days and you were on my mind, too... Glad to see you online tonight. :) xo

    1. Joey


      awww thanks babycakes! Good old Madonnaweb LOL I still talk to Bill on Twitter

    2. peter


      Aw, that's nice! I know he's on Facebook, too, with some others from Mo'web. (ShawnDC, Adam) I keep in touch with Tezza pretty regularly, but that's about it. Dear, tender Tezza. :) Take care, darling!

  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. honk if you love Jesus Luz :p

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