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    I'm really into the music of this indie, up and coming newbie called Madonna. Ever heard of her?
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  1. I honestly don't know, the pop world is weird. Look at Madonna, people discounted her back in the 80s and rooted for Lauper and others. I think Pink clicked with brosder audiences, and that has certainly helped her. She's constant, to the point of being repetitive, but her output is still well crafted IMO, and lingers on AC radio which keeps people aware of her. Off the three you mention she seems the most complete: her tour seems like a good enough show (i.e. you get what you pay for), her songs are catchy and once in a while interesting, and is involved in writing her music. Christina is obnoxious af, it pours through her pores. She has a great voice, but in a time when everyone out of a reality show has a good voice, that is just not enough. Britney... well, I am still surprised how they kept her career on life support for so long, kudos to her team!
  2. Taylor Swift thread

    So is she over already? I haven't heard any of hers on radio, neither in Mexico nor in the US.
  3. This bizarre abortion product from an alternative reality never happened.
  4. That was Mirwais, for Music (https://allaboutmadonna.com/madonna-library/mirwais-music-keyboard-february-2001). Mirwais had a brilliant way of using M vocals, either to strip them bare of any effect, or using these effectively to make the vocal central to the song. I think FL is a prime example, her vocak commands the listener on a journey, her journey. I love this song!
  5. I don't think M was Harvey's type. She was already big and famous by the time they collaborated, and his game was definitely power: to get sexual favors by promising a bright Hollywood career in exchange.
  6. I could probably say the same happened in Mexico. I probably heard GMAYL and Living for love twice on radio and that was it. No other singles from these albums received any radio plays. Ghosttown's video was on hea y rotation in mtv/vh1 though. There is a lack of connection with thecaudiehces, definitely. I have heard people say: she was good, what is she doing now? So a large part of general audiences have no clue of her more recent music.
  7. Madonna at soccer game in Portugal

    ^ Oh, I love Força! And yes to M doing the World Cup song!
  8. Ranking Madonna's 35 best singles

    +1 Nice list, a bit predictable but a good nod to her decades of work.
  9. Gwen Stefani

    She really lost track, didn't she? I wonder if she's aware of it, at all. Her LAMB/Sweet Escape stuff was good, a dsome of the songs on her last effort are ok. But she seems to be settling into tv c-list celebrity now.
  10. True, though. Her shift does feel less contrived, so to speak, than the others, but still it just did not gel well entirely. This was a great read, and it all ties in with the thread over the Madonna section reminiscing of the Erotica project: she crafted/curated something spe2cial, and she continued to do so all through her 'Maverick' years (as per another thread). From HC on (COAD is more like a link in between), the driver seems more to be enjoyment, fun, and spectacle. Not meant this derogatory in any way, it is just another phase, another type of albums/eras.
  11. Erotica is definitely the best album cover! This thread has heen amazing. Just to think about all the thought put out to make this project is unbelievable. To connect the roaring 20s and the 70s, with Warhol, and Sexualcdesire, and house-influenced pop... This is what makes Madonna, and what puts her so far from any other basic bitch.
  12. Top 10 Madonna Music Videos

    Justify my love Die another day Living for love Frozen Human nature What it feels like for a girl Secret Cherish I want you Bedtime story
  13. Patrick Leonard's Instagram

    OMG!! I want to listen, I hope he posts a snippet, ANYTHING!!
  14. ^ If her fans keep thinking she knows about art and possesses any kind of talent and vision after watching that Abramovic crap, they need to be locked up in a mental institution.
  15. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    ^Interesting @promise to try, and yes, not every Catalan supports this independentist movement, hence why many then did not vote. But as it stands now, or at least how it is seen from the outside, the violence somehow justified the independence movement. If nothing had happened, and the referendum went along as just an exercise of political expression, I wonder if perhaps Rajoy would have had more leverage for negotiation. Only time would tell what follows, but all my support to the Catalans, regardless of what they decide.