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    I'm really into the music of this indie, up and coming newbie called Madonna. Ever heard of her?
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    Drowned World...

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  1. Currently, no particular order: I don't search I find, Come alive, Batuka, Extreme occident, & Dark ballet. I finally got into DB, it's an interesting piece but not easy to digest immediately. Now I love it!
  2. Really? If true, then that's great. When was the last time we had a 5th single? ROL?
  3. Are we all still enjoying this amazing album? I for one am still thrilled about it, and can't wait to see how she translates the songs to the live setting. MX is THE '10s M album for me.
  4. Haha! Tbh I am ok with ISS, and I can tolerate others when in the mood. But yes, we all look at and appreciate her work differently, which is good.
  5. FG without question. Never thought I would like it but I do. BIL is like thst one annoying song in every M album: Spanish Lesson, I'm So Stupid, Don't Stop, Bday Song, Push, Runaway Lover, ...It wouldn't be a M album without one, lol!
  6. ^true. Here we are, video #75 (?), and she still delivers the goods. Who could've guessed her 75th video would be filmed n the coast of Portugal, be a homage to freedom, and to sorority, and include batuque music. To call her unique is just not enough.
  7. Ok just saw the video. I know, lame, terrible fan, but it's just been so busy lately, I feel like drowning in work. Anyways, THIS is how you make a music video. Rock on, M! I Love Batuka. She's on fire with this album.
  8. Just read it in the tour section. Yes!! So happy
  9. I feel the same way too. Come Alive has become my current mantra tbh. Wish we get a video of it, or at least I hope she performs it on tour.
  10. She's not gonna dance her ass off anymore peeps. If you saw the MDNA tour then good for you, because that was the last time. And no, it is not ageism, it's just biology. Her pride show was great from the clips I've seen, M is more than elaborate choreographies. Love that she's bringing AL to get some audience love, the message still holds strong! Can't wait for the coming weeks of tidbits and rumors leading up to the MX tour!
  11. They've talked about the video a lot here in MX, saying how it reached 1 mill views quickly, and about the video's message. US's obsession with Beyonce is nauseating, here I barely hear anything about her.
  12. This is the most amazing, fucking incredible song on the album. It's just a different thing for M, it sort of reminds me of the firdt time I heard Impressive Instant or Future Lovers. Just out of this world. Together with Future and Extreme Occident, Come Alive just makes me so happy to still be a fan and enjoy her music.
  13. Pitchfork still thinks coachella is cool. Enough said.
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