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    I'm really into the music of this indie, up and coming newbie called Madonna. Ever heard of her?
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    Drowned World...

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  1. I really like One Strike off their previous album. Really great song. Didn't know they had a new album out.
  2. Icykiller

    2018 MTV VMAs

    My thoughts as well. Apart from Imagine Dragons, I don't think I've heard any of the nominee's music on purpose.
  3. Icykiller

    ABBA thread

    Love ABBA! My mom is a big fan and their music was always present at home as I grew up. Here are my faves: The visitors One of us SOS Fernando Voulez vous Take a chance on me When all is said and done Knowing me knowing you Like an angel passing through my room Super Trouper Waterloo Gimme gimme gimme Chiquitita Lay all your love on me
  4. Icykiller

    Sade working with longtime collaborator on new album

    This! Sade always delivers.
  5. Icykiller

    Eurovision thread

    My favorites were Portugal, Bulgaria, and Italy. Seems the ridiculousness of Israel is liked, wtf!!
  6. Icykiller

    ABBA thread

    This is amazing news! I grew up wit ABBA music thanks to my mom. She will be ecstatic about this.
  7. Saw the news today. This is so weird, I can't imagine FM without Buckingham tbh.
  8. Icykiller

    Blondie thread

    I am atill playing and loving this album. Awesome work from Blondie!
  9. I was about to post the same!
  10. Icykiller

    Quincy Jones doesnt hold back

    What about Quincy and Madonna. Did their paths ever crossed? (Don't remember that being the case, but maybe I am missing something?)
  11. Icykiller

    Quincy Jones doesnt hold back

    Such a great read, refreshing interview, thanks for sharing @Nikki !!
  12. Icykiller


    I've never heard a Drake song in my life. I don't even know how he sings/raps/whatever he does, don't know his voice.
  13. Of course not! Would I freak out because accidentally my kid saw porn? No. I would talk to my kid.
  14. Traumatized? This world is just too sensitive now. It's just porn, whatever. And I wonder what kind of porn it was too.
  15. Icykiller


    Who the fuck is this Kendrick Lamar that the 'hip' & 'cool' US media keeps bragging about? Is his music worth it, or is it just another Pitchfork-hyped nonsense?