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    I'm really into the music of this indie, up and coming newbie called Madonna. Ever heard of her?
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  1. This! Same problem with Abercrombie: so-so quality, overpriced.
  2. Icykiller

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile (continued)

    So glad I was never into this pile of shit's music. Honestly, never saw the fuzz on his stuff.
  3. Icykiller

    The internet has killed the pop song

    Or wil they share anything at all? Interesting reading @windsor67, thank for sharing. I agree that the world of music is atomized. The few artists or bands who make a slight glimpse of success pale in comparison to the likes of our own M back in the crazy days of the 80s. It's a niche market in a downward spiral to not being a market at all, as there is increasingly less revenue on bringing up a new idol. I mean, what record company in their sane mind would invest in long studio time to curate the right album for any up-and-comer? None. Bringing the discussion back to M, I can see her in a very comfortable limbo. Hits are gone, but loads of fans still cherish the excitement of a new era, a new batch of songs and the tour/video visuals that come with it. But even these have started to feel a bit lukwarm, in my opinion. And it has to do with this lack of echo the article mentions. There's no buzz, no mtv airing the music video, no random dj saying: omg this is new Madonna! The experience of music has become completely personal. In my case, if it wasn't for this forum I would not talk about her music at all. No one around me in real life particularly likes her, besides a song here and there. Also, the article zooms in on nostalgia, something M has been reticent to capitalize on. Many fans here have voiced their interest in a proper creative team that puts up decent box sets, rarities, etc. She could very well entertain us with some stuff in between albums.
  4. Icykiller

    Maroon 5: most boring superbowl in history

    Do you think a Maroon 5 backlash is coming? I hope so, I hate that asshole's whiny voice and 'cool bro' attitude. AC radio just eats any crap they release, it seems. They're like the new Matchbox twenty, but multiplied by 1000 in terms of radio appeal.
  5. Icykiller

    Coachella 2019 Line up...

    Ariana sings the kind of songs that used to be delivered to Mariah when young and marketable. Nothing special. Coachella has been a joke for a while. #sorrynotsorry
  6. Icykiller

    David Bowie's Black Star video is still so epic

    It really is, one of the most well produced, well-thought up videos of recent years. Johan Renck is a genius, hopefully M does at least one more video with him. Besides being an eerie, full of symbolism video, the fact that Bowie was already in the final stages just adds up to the mystery of both the song and video. It is like a testament of the mind of a dying man. Creepy, yet Bowie and Renck made it art.
  7. Just heard the song for the first time in my life, and saw the movie clip it comes from (Neptune's daughter). I see no problem with it, tbh. The #meetoo thing will self-destruct if it continues like this. Shame, because it brought to discussion important topics, but got lost in frivolous nuisance like banning a 1940s song from the radio.
  8. I was born in '84. That makes me 34, either in the oldest echelons of millenials, or part of the Xennials.... Who cares, right? Anyway, one of my favorite things as a teenager in the late 90s early 00s was to save 15-17 bucks and, every two weeks or so, go to a record store to get that album I had been dynig to listen to. Then, get home and lock myself in my room (as any good teen would!), and listen to the album from the first to the last track. Also, opening up the booklet, looking at the artwork, and if available, read the lyrics. Fun times! Now, I have fully embraced streaming. I have spotify premium, and love it. I get to listen to a lot of albums, and save in my library those I enjoy from the first to the last track. I still listen to complete albums, and never listen to spotify's ready-made playlists. Before, I had tv, word of mouth and radio to find out about new album releases. Now, there's blogs, metacritic, online magazines (Pitchfork, Slant, etc), etc. I have access to albums I may have hade no access to had streaming not existed, and got to know indie bands and musicians I have grown fond of, and even seen live. Do I miss the old times? Not really. I look back to them nostalgically, and appreciate growing up in a less tech-driven world. But I like what I have now, it's as fun as the past. P.S.: BTW I remember the excitement of downloading (illegally, lol) Music through Napster back in the summer of 2000. Haha! Such a thrill, a sneak peek before the album was out. To think now, as already said, that mp3's are obsolete. Technology really did a major overhaul of our lives in the past 12-15 years or so.
  9. @CzarnaWisnia haven't seen the movie, will check it out. Really scary stuff, all of this.
  10. This is ridiculous. But more sadly, I think it just opens up a Pandora's box. Imagine in 50 years or so, all legal documents include not only age race sex/gender, but also bio-age, estimated clinically. How well have you lived or taken care of yourself, chronic diseases, etc.... All of it in one single number to add yet another layer of social differentiation. Sick and scary. Its like sci-fi shit.
  11. Icykiller

    Amy Winehouse (the artist)

    Exactly what I was coming here to post: overrated, and I do not see the appeal. I think she got lucky, having the right sound at the right time. This sort of throwback Motown-esque vibe, coupled with a tragic chic persona. But many did the same then: that Duffy girl, Adele to some extent... She had pipes, I'd give her that.
  12. I really want this! But I'm actually wondering if it is worth spending on it or not. We'll see. But awesome!
  13. Icykiller

    Kanye West

    This. If anything, teens and early 20's seems to be his demographic, and they all love this idiot. He's practically a non-entity outisde the US though.
  14. I really like One Strike off their previous album. Really great song. Didn't know they had a new album out.
  15. Icykiller

    2018 MTV VMAs

    My thoughts as well. Apart from Imagine Dragons, I don't think I've heard any of the nominee's music on purpose.