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    I'm really into the music of this indie, up and coming newbie called Madonna. Ever heard of her?
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  1. He is an asshole, what is he doing jn Mexico anyway, if he hates us so much? Racist imbecile!
  2. Chavez was just one in the many rounds of coups in Venezuela's modern history (http://www.nexos.com.mx/?p=27353). His moment seems mild now, looking back, because oil prices were high in the 2000s. The living situation in Venezuela, from what I've heard, has been unbearable for quite some time, so it is all really a time bomb awaiting to explode.
  3. Good video! So why are people assuming she's failing and doom and hell are coming over? The song may be a sleeper hit and slowly rise the charts.
  4. Wow! I don't know any of the songs on the bb hot 100. 6/10 I don't even know who they are.
  5. I didn't know she had an album out, but OMFG I had to comment on that album cover, it is priceless I liked some of the songs from her last album. Actually, I always like some songs of all her albums, but never the whole product. Folklore is stil her kost solid work to date for me.
  6. Fantastic! If I ever have a daughter I want one like her, and hope she never cares or gives a damn.
  7. Never thought about it but you're so right, Kanye's dellusion parallels Michael's, but in a cheaper, Kardashian version! So MJ...His trophies as a phallic symbol of power, his peter pan conflict... Man, Freud would've adored this individual.
  8. This! Amazing how people just sat there, and even recorded it all! Weird. American airlines are pretty bad in terms of service, I must say. It sometimes feels like the flight crew are handling cattle, and not people.
  9. http://pitchfork.com/features/overtones/10052-is-rihanna-the-most-influential-pop-singer-of-the-past-decade/ Thought I'll share this. Interesting article.
  10. I remember the song was huge in Mexico. As @Je5u5 says, this perhaps affected Holly's version, which honestly I do not remember, lol.
  11. Not kidding! Here it is found it:
  12. I remember that kiss kiss song, but by a Turkish guy.