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    I'm really into the music of this indie, up and coming newbie called Madonna. Ever heard of her?
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  1. He is an asshole, what is he doing jn Mexico anyway, if he hates us so much? Racist imbecile!
  2. I've always wante to go to Portugal as well. My mother' grandfather came from there in his late teens, and I kinda feel it is a place I should go to someday.
  3. Chavez was just one in the many rounds of coups in Venezuela's modern history (http://www.nexos.com.mx/?p=27353). His moment seems mild now, looking back, because oil prices were high in the 2000s. The living situation in Venezuela, from what I've heard, has been unbearable for quite some time, so it is all really a time bomb awaiting to explode.
  4. Good video! So why are people assuming she's failing and doom and hell are coming over? The song may be a sleeper hit and slowly rise the charts.
  5. I agree about the grillz, they gotta go enough! She looks good. Those boobs, again, are life! The dress looks exactly like the black one she wore two-three years ago, the one that had rebel heart written over it? Same pattern! Only difference is the camouflage fabric. On that, not crazy about the camouflage. After her modern rendition of a dominatrix lady godiva last year, I wonder, what was her statement this time around? Nonetheless, glowing as ever. And she went! So win-win.
  6. American Life deux?
  7. She was still taking painkillers during the Hung Up videoshoot.
  8. It happens from time to time. I was also out of love for Confessions for a while. Around the time of MDNA probably. I also could not get myself to listen to ROL,for a long time, exactly around Confession/HC eras. Right now I don't have a particuoar album I am not into, and both ROL and Confessions songs are bsck on my playlists.
  9. I feel like I am the onnly one who really loved last year's look (other fans of the met '16 look?) I was transfixed by her titties and how beautifully full and perfect they looked. Sometimes she uses tight bras that sort of make her look as if her tits were fake, and here at the met they looked... free! Hahhaa, I don't know how to describe it, but I know I was dying to suck her nipples, ha! Oh, and those legs!
  10. Yes to many of the ones already mentioned. I want to add Basement Jaxx. I love their stuff. Also something with Gogol Bordello, like a full studio song and not just a live thing.
  11. Wow! I don't know any of the songs on the bb hot 100. 6/10 I don't even know who they are.
  12. Oh c'mon! Everyone was praising him and the moment he addresses some fan now all of a sudden nobody wants M to team up with Pat. Whatever! She can work with whomever wants, we all know that so let's move from the obvious. And no, of course her career doesn't depend on who she works with, That is also not in discussion. I think Madonna did some amazing stuff with Pat, and his recent stuff with Cohen is good, so I believe he still has it. Whether she works with him or not, that is for her to choose, but as a fan I wish they could get together and workcon some tracks, that's all.
  13. Whatever Pat just work with her dammit!
  14. Venus in furs