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  1. He dropped a new song .Mega flop..
  2. i guess she was rather wasted or mentally ill off medication .In both cases sad ,nothing to laugh about
  3. well ,isn't time to release old ghosts ?
  4. i didn't know that Franko's bones were kept like he was some kind of hero .kudos to spain's new government that they will remove them from Valle de los CaĆ­dos
  5. sotos8

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    MDNA tour has a clear vision ,the stage is a work of art and imo the setlist fits the vision .RHT is more intimate and i remember most of the fans here preferring RHT (except Kim of course who's always seeing things more clearly)
  6. sotos8


    If Drake manages to sell only 100k albums on his first week that means the entire recording industry is over not only the glory days
  7. sotos8


    Here's yet another updated glimpse of how Scorpion by YMCMB/Republic's Drake is doing in its first week. Drake (YMCMB/Republic) 740k total activity, 150-160k album shockingly poor sales for Drake
  8. After 3 decades finally Greece and Skopje have come to an initial agreement about the name of this little country. Since the agreement has not been welcomed here in Greece by the people calling the government traitors I would honestly like to hear your opinion on this subject
  9. i like her reaction when a fan throwed a bottle on stage in Nice
  10. sotos8

    North Macedonia

    the real criticism of the agreement is that from now on they will be called Macedonians (not North Macedonians) and their language Macedonian and that will lead to ridiculous demands from them
  11. sotos8

    Kanye West

    yes ,bundle magic!
  12. well the refugees are being kept in hotspots in dire conditions and poor hygiene ,the people don't want them and the fascists are creating a hell for them but at least we don't let them drown .And of course we have the madman Erdogan threatening us every other day that he will flood Greece with millions among other threats
  13. it's the same in Greece actually ,sad but true
  14. sotos8

    Kanye West

    it seems like YE will spend a second week atop of the Billboard chart
  15. sotos8

    Kanye West

    All seven tracks on the controversial rapper's "Ye" album debuted on Billboard's Top 40 chart this week. The song "Yikes" came in the highest, charting at No. 8 on the Top 10. "All Mine" just missed that list, coming in at No. 11. "Ghost Town" debuted at No. 16, "Wouldn't Leave" at No. 25, "Violent Crimes" at No. 27, "I Thought About Killing You" at No. 28, and "No Mistakes" at No. 36. keep in mind that he didn't release any single ,any video and he does not been played on the radii. The power of streaming!!
  16. i guess you all remember the Albanian refugee crisis in 1991 and how they were treated by the Italian authorities .And then it wasn't a fascist or right wing in power ,the govenrment was centre left
  17. sotos8

    Kanye West

    what's so special about greatest showman anyway?
  18. that's so fucked up !
  19. sotos8

    Is Girlie Show her best ever?

    well her best ever is BA so no..
  20. sotos8

    Kanye West

    it's quite good actually ,my favourite track is ghosttown
  21. It's the most artistic for sure .The lighting ,the video projections, the choreography are miles ahead Plus she's looking fierce