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  1. whyme?

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile

    Are all the loons on the MJ forums/message boards still in total denial, and are they suppressing/blocking anyone who says he may be guilty?
  2. whyme?

    Eurovision thread

    Madonna is reportedly in negotiations to perform at the Eurovision this year. It's not just a rumour.
  3. This whore can't even read English. She probably had no idea what it said lol
  4. Are you this passionate about the atrocities that happen in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the wider muslim world? The stuff that happens in israel pales in comparison to the shit innocent people endure thoughout the middle east region. Yet i feel 95% of the focus is always placed on Israel and the palestinians.
  5. whyme?

    Eurovision thread

    I can' believe I stayed up to watch the entire show. I'm glad I did because the vote tally was very nail biting and suspenseful!! I liked Cyprus, but she was such a Beyonce knock off. The Israel girl really nailed her performance and it was a great Eurovision pop song. It's refreshing they didn' just put a fat girl on stage to sing another power ballad. Congrats to her.
  6. He probably had severe mental and emotional problems. He could have combated climate change while alive.
  7. I follow rivers is still one of the best songs of the decade. Both original and remix. Can't understand why it wasn't marketed in the states.
  8. My card will do just fine. Thanks but no thanks big brother!
  9. This sounds exactly like the Enrique Iglesias song Bailando. It was also a gigantic Latino hit. This sound genre does very well now. Straight people music :)
  10. This disgusting behaviour happens throughout the Arab world, specifically in the richer countries. The employers hire migrants from Africa and Asia and treat them like absolute dirt...abusing them physically. There are countless news stories about this. I even had a cleaning lady from India who used to work in Saudi Arabia. She told me her employer started to hit her and accused her of "talking" to her husband. She went straight to the police station and got the hell out of that country. People can be so evil.
  11. Isn't the whole point of looking good to attract other people and make them want you!? This just makes people vomit and run away. People are so dumb!
  12. whyme?

    Black Friday 2016

    Who the fuck wants to wake up at 4 in the morning and ruin your day off from work when you can finally sleep in late? I don't get people.
  13. I'm still completely distraught over this election. I'm so down, and it's affecting everything from work to social to family. What bothers me even more than trumpf fake-winning is that the house, senate and supreme court will all be far right-wing. That old bitch Ruth Ginsburg from the supreme court will probably croak sometime soon and he'll replace her with another right winger. That will bring the court to 3 liberals and 6 conservatives. (And yes she's a old bitch because she should have retired when obama was first elected and democrats had a majority in the senate).
  14. This was one of the worst days ever. I can't believe I awoke to this nightmare. i was shaking as I was browsing through the NY Times site. They called it very early on that Trump has over a 90% chance of winning because the midwest was going awry. What scares me is that the white house, senate, house, and supreme court will all be filled with right winged, religious, neocon fanatics. What power do democrats have? - none at all. This is a dark day and a total shock. The idiot republicans on my facebook are all gloating - they all make me sick. I've always believed that polling was more or less correct because it was correct in the last few elections. What I see today is an utter disgrace of the whole polling industry. What a bunch of buffoons. Hillary won the popular vote. That hurts even more. I really admired her -- she truly believed in a progressive vision for America and unfortunately, she cannot fulfill it. The criticisms against her were completely blown out of proportion. America has turned red. Bloody red.
  15. whyme?

    2016 American Presidential Thread

    nytimes says Michigan will likely go to trump fuck