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  1. My card will do just fine. Thanks but no thanks big brother!
  2. U2 are back doing a stadium tour after their last arena tour. Its mega successful. So I think she can definitely pull it off again, but only if it's a greatest hits or fake farewell tour. Fyi the u2 tour is based on the Joshua Tree album.
  3. Ariana Grande

    I think it's disrespectful to report that concert's revenues and exact attendance to a business publication. Not all of those 14,000 people went home that night :(
  4. Ariana Grande

    Billboard boxscore just released concert revenues this week and I'm really shocked they included the Manchester concert. It says how much money it made and how many people attended :( I can't believe her management thought that would be ok. Very creepy IMO....
  5. This disgusting behaviour happens throughout the Arab world, specifically in the richer countries. The employers hire migrants from Africa and Asia and treat them like absolute dirt...abusing them physically. There are countless news stories about this. I even had a cleaning lady from India who used to work in Saudi Arabia. She told me her employer started to hit her and accused her of "talking" to her husband. She went straight to the police station and got the hell out of that country. People can be so evil.
  6. Madonna's PEAK year?

    1983 -2017
  7. If it wasn't for who's that girl, there probably would have been a sixth single. La Isla Bonita was such a mega hit, that they would have tried to extend the album's success even more.
  8. Katy Perry thread

    the song is really catchy. finally got into it. I think it has a shot to go to number one because I feel radio will eat it up.
  9. Do we love the song "How High"?

    One of the weaker tracks on the album.
  10. Isn't the whole point of looking good to attract other people and make them want you!? This just makes people vomit and run away. People are so dumb!
  11. Regarding Frozen, madonna got lucky that it even charted as high as number 2. If I remember correctly, the airplay and sales peaks of the song barely made it into the top 5.

    I'm not picking Like a Prayer because this isn't about the best song. It's about a song that seems to introduce the album really well. I guess Erotica would be my choice. He's a Man is also a great opener. Survival also introduces BS really well.
  13. Black Friday 2016

    Who the fuck wants to wake up at 4 in the morning and ruin your day off from work when you can finally sleep in late? I don't get people.
  14. The song helped ROL go back to number one in Germany, months after its release. The album was selling big in Europe around Nov/Dec 1998 thanks to the success of this song. So it's definitely a huge hit.
  15. I'm still completely distraught over this election. I'm so down, and it's affecting everything from work to social to family. What bothers me even more than trumpf fake-winning is that the house, senate and supreme court will all be far right-wing. That old bitch Ruth Ginsburg from the supreme court will probably croak sometime soon and he'll replace her with another right winger. That will bring the court to 3 liberals and 6 conservatives. (And yes she's a old bitch because she should have retired when obama was first elected and democrats had a majority in the senate).