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  1. Me too. Stock expected to ship within a week, which doesn't help me when I'm leaving my shipping address in a week! I told them that weeks ago but since it takes weeks for them to respond, they won't know that until I've already left
  2. It really is the poorest service I've ever received from an artist's store. By comparison, I ordered some items from Kylie's official store, received it in Australia from the UK within 3 days, reported a slightly damaged item and they're sending me a replacement - this has all been taken care of in less than a week!
  3. Has anybody received the pride flag?? Curious to know what the quality is like
  4. Yeah I emailed straight away and just got the same response as everyone else so far - "reply in 72 hours"
  5. Did you actually receive the bracelet? So many people seem to be missing it
  6. Mine was shipped last week and arrived today - missing the bracelet from the bundle tho
  7. That's what one of my other orders is like. Where's the consistency??
  8. Oh i did that but it doesn't give me an estimated delivery date
  9. Oh yay!! Me too... How do you know it's arriving tomorrow??
  10. STILL nothing for me either. The people who are getting shipping emails today, is it from the US store?
  11. I'm having so much trouble ordering this because I can't read French! haha
  12. Blond Ambition - no question! And probably the Barcelona show because that's what I grew up obsessively watching
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