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  1. Yep, he's great at analysing raw data. And even if I don't personally agree with his streaming obsession (I don't think they're THAT relevant for older female artists like Madonna, it's a whole another audience), you can't deny the facts. He even speaks about club sales in one of his articles. Janet fans should take note.
  2. Um, those are RETAIL sales not certifications. The guy who runs this site knows his shit.
  3. Being a fan of hers is offensive to your intelligence. She's just said she doesn't need pop hits anymore and then there's this... and you're expected to like it even though it's everything she told you she was NOT.
  4. Such a cute baby.
  5. I actually think it's sweet that her mom did her best with such theme, haha.
  6. Hmm. Russian officials won't do A THING to offend Chechens because they are afraid of them, pure and simple. There are no laws for them.
  7. I mean, she's been openly expressing her love for donkey dicks back in 2001. Nothing wrong with that, but it's hard to take Janet seriously when her idea of post-divorce emancipation is doing trashy FHM photoshoots and teaching girls how to tell if the guy is hung or not.
  8. Classy as usual.
  9. This kind of collaborations are only good for a quick buck, it seems. People who bought her standards album aren't going to enjoy her original material, the same works for her fans.
  10. I wonder what @spazz thinks about that. I really do.
  11. Um, Paula actually looks HOT there?! I didn't get the joke.
  12. I like FJM but that comment is rather tasteless. 'I only did it for the money! I'm still cool y'all'. Nothing wrong with chasing paper, own it and be thankful you got paid.