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  1. Might be also porn studios not being too happy about performers getting rid of the middle man. I mean, look at Rhyheim Shabazz, his OF videos have good cinematography, multiple (hot) guys and cool concepts, and he's the only one making money off it. Of course boring and outdated studios like Men.com aren't going to sit and watch this.
  2. I'm half-black (but not American, so I hope @IsaacHarrisand @erotica blu can and will correct me), but I don't see what the deal is. The tone of the movie is racist, but then again, so is the story it is trying to tell (and if we think of how racist the movie industry was in the 30's, it only makes things worse). Should all movies about Nazi Germany be banned because it was a horrible time for humanity? This is my opinion only, but whenever I hear that so and so was, well, problematic (say, Dietrich and some of the things she's said in private), I try to remember that the time was totally different back then and concentrate on all the progressive or positive things they've done. A lot of people are ignorant but that's because they haven't had a chance to learn about certain things, not because they're evil. Ignorance is certainly better than fake virtue to me. Maybe that's just me.
  3. Erm, there have been news about the concentration camps for gay people in some parts of the country, and my friends tell me some A/B-list TV personalities are saying gays shouls be burned alive the way they did it in Nazi Germany, so yeah... the number seems kinda low.
  4. Go tell that to children in Mumbai dying of starvation. "It's OK, kids, you're gonna die for a great cause!".
  5. Um, in her original speech she was asking whole countries to change their ways, not just conglomerates. Among them, Brazil and China. And besides, if you know anything about, say, China, you will understand that such conglomerates created jobs and literally saved billions of people from poverty. People that are hungry NOW, not poor Greta living in an actual socialist country with a pretty great ecological situation still who's worried about her FUTURE. If these conglomerates shut down their factories tomorrow, what will our Greta do to save these children and their families? My main problem with this sutuation is that the forces behind Greta made it all very personal (for impact, obviously). The problem is, the center piece here is a girl from one of the richest countries of the world complaining about "her stolen childhood" and preaching about the very real and very important things in a very hamfisted and sensationalist manner; things she didn't really experience (or not to the extent that a child living next to a toxuc dump waste in Cambodia might experience). It's all very Lady Gaga to me; sad to see that the same kind of approach is now being applied to such important things as the climate change. With that being said, adults attacking a kid on social media is in extremely poor taste.
  6. I have no time for her, just like she has none for poor countries and children who live there. You know, the ones whos childhood was actually stolen.
  7. I like how he's supposed to be this HUGE MADONNA FAN yet he's been trashing her for years... even his COADF review (you know, the album when he was still loving her, supposedly) starts with him saying, 'I don't like Madonna'. Oh well, there was a time here when people like Gimmesomemo weren't supposed to be questioned despite their endless negativity. I've heard it all before. EDIT : same people defending his 'right to be dissapointed' as well. Some things never change.
  8. Swae said that M was a dream collabo back in 2015, when Rae Sremmurd only started making waves. He loves her.
  9. Ugh, she's so fucking cool. Falling in love with her all over again.
  10. OK I'm not usually like this but the video made me tear up a little. This is a truly outstanding song that proves once again that no one can emote quite like M. Swae is a fantastic addition to the song, he really brings out the melancholy Madonna is so good at. All I want is for her to go on and on. I don't think the world will ever know just how special she is.
  11. OK, maybe I'm stupid, but she never sounds bad to me. Even this TPOG video which I've never seen before, you can see she's struggling a bit, but hey, I appreciate the effort and it still doesn't sound *bad* to me. I'll take this vocal over something technically perfect but souless any day.
  12. Seeing some of my favourite posters here like @acko sad upsets me way more than the shit the performance is getting She's gonna be fine!
  13. Her message seems to be a bigger talking point than her vocals, which, I guess, is why she decided to do Eurovision in the first place. Of course, certain parts of Internet are ignoring it because it wasn't what THEY wanted her to do. Because, you know, posts on a pop forum mean more than 30+ years of social commentary and charity work
  14. I thought she sounded great during LAP?! The performance was a bit too static, not dramatic enough.
  15. Norway was absolutely amazing.
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