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  1. I like FJM but that comment is rather tasteless. 'I only did it for the money! I'm still cool y'all'. Nothing wrong with chasing paper, own it and be thankful you got paid.
  2. Yes, Pandora streams count towards BB Hot 100.
  3. Airplay plus it's HUGE on Pandora.
  4. What a horrible creature she is. Stabbing Ke$ha in the back like that. Of course you won't see it anywhere.
  5. Oh no, you hopped on his dick LONG before ISIS was a thing, ignoring all the injustice happening in the country.
  6. Um, maybe because people who ACTUALLY know what they're talking about realize that your opinions are, well, ridiculous? Either way, it's about time this thread dies.
  7. Did she really fire that handsome dancer with the shaved head? He was the best thing about her "performances".
  8. So I've heard Cheek To Cheek... What is it about her that makes people say she has a good voice? Honestly, she's nothing special, even in the most technical sense. She can't convey emotions ala Madonna or Rihanna, can't showboat ala Bey or Whitney, her voice is not pretty like Taylor's voice or sultry and smooth like Aaliyah or Ciara's voice. It's just... there. I've seen her live once (my b'day "present") and all this yelling was hard to listen to. What's her talent anyway?
  9. Just because someone isn't foaming at the mouth attacking this "bitch" (honestly, how did this thread turn so nasty? Show some class, we've got female posters in this very thread, I'm sure they're not amused) it doesn't mean they belong to beyhive or whatever. And there are other POC in this thread, so stop acting like your opinion is the only one that matters. I've suffered enough racism in my life, much worse things than not getting a Grammy, but that does not mean this case or Kendrick's case (funny how no one cares about him... No hidden agenda, I guess) should be ignored.
  10. Such a clever song; you can tell it's a Hov co-write.
  11. I can't believe she's selling so many tickets. Just... why? Her album wasn't that big and she has no hits. Why?
  12. Oh, Isaac. No love for Kitty Cat?