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  1. Jessica Simpson is so dumb

    Ahaha. Well, at least he's aware of her in some way.
  2. Jessica Simpson is so dumb

    Aww I love Tyler. Jazzyjan, who do you always make me choose between you and them? First Taylor, now Tyler... Hahaha.
  3. Exactly. They weren't buying songs for her to sing (ala Britney), she'd still have to (co-)write the top melody, lyrics etc.
  4. I believe him. I don't think Interscope control her output so much that they can MAKE her work with someone, but collaborations with Bloodpop, Natalia Kills and Toby Gad were 100% their idea. They don't seem like people that'd be on Madonna's radar these days.
  5. Katy Perry thread

    Actually, the industry is finally growing again after 15 years of shrinking profits and it's all because of streaming.
  6. Kylie Minogue thread

    Post of the year, haha
  7. Lady Gaga thread

    Hmm, but Iovine is the head of Interscope (or did he leave?). Guess that means they still believe in her enough to put her on billboards as his success story. And her manager IS good but he's also a newbie in the industry. I think she's his first client or anything. How come he's so good at pulling the strings?
  8. Lady Gaga thread

    The industry probably thinks this is as far as they can go with a female artist these days. Sure, she's no Bey, Taylor or Katy (pre 2016), but she still makes them money. Just the other day I've seen Gaga fans saying that she's had a "fine" comeback. The album sales were modest at best, the singles have flopped outside the US (and even there they had to use certain tricks for MR)... I mean, sounds a bit eh compared to ROL, Mariah's Mimi or even Britney's Circus. But they're happy. Maybe the industry is happy too?
  9. Why do people post certain things as if they were facts? 'Janet was big with RN'... but how? Her singles went top20 at best, the album didn't sell that much either... so how was she big outside the US? What is the criteria? What's the point in posting certain things and never backing them with actual numbers? You do realize it sounds a bit Elton John? 'Her tour is a flop even though it's the most successful tour of the year'. Erm, OK.
  10. Yep, he's great at analysing raw data. And even if I don't personally agree with his streaming obsession (I don't think they're THAT relevant for older female artists like Madonna, it's a whole another audience), you can't deny the facts. He even speaks about club sales in one of his articles. Janet fans should take note.
  11. Um, those are RETAIL sales not certifications. The guy who runs this site knows his shit.
  12. Lady Gaga thread

    Being a fan of hers is offensive to your intelligence. She's just said she doesn't need pop hits anymore and then there's this... and you're expected to like it even though it's everything she told you she was NOT.
  13. I actually think it's sweet that her mom did her best with such theme, haha.
  14. Hmm. Russian officials won't do A THING to offend Chechens because they are afraid of them, pure and simple. There are no laws for them.