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  1. Haha, no, he deserves all the hate he gets.
  2. @Jazzy Jan, I hope you are right. I hate it when someone's overrated (like Adele, but I won't go there haha) but when they're also being all smug about their success, that's a whole another level.
  3. The difference between him and Taylor is that he's a man so he can get away with a lot more. And unlike Taylor, I don't ever see him releasing something like Look What You Made Me Do; he's too desperate / concerned about his commercial success to sabotage himself like that.
  4. Beyawwwwwwnncé Thread

    DJ Khaled is the dumbest person in music. And he doesn't even produce his tracks, he just pays other people to do the work while he can take the credit. Meh.
  5. So Kylie going top50 with her lead single somehow means there's more buzz around her than people like Taylor or Katy who's sold 2M albums worldwide, had a top 5 lead single each and are on massive world tours???
  6. St!nk

    Well what did you guys expect her to do? Soccer moms going to her concerts want the big hits. At this point she's more manufactured and calculated than those teen pop acts she'd talk shit about back in the day.
  7. The reductive Trump of Pop

    Donald is super talented; more power to him.
  8. Beyawwwwwwnncé Thread

    From somebody who's been accused of pandering to white people oh so many times, this was such a great message. Blackness should be celebrated, ain't that the truth?
  9. Back in the day we would bring porn to school and watch it when the teacher was away.