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  1. Erm, there have been news about the concentration camps for gay people in some parts of the country, and my friends tell me some A/B-list TV personalities are saying gays shouls be burned alive the way they did it in Nazi Germany, so yeah... the number seems kinda low.
  2. Go tell that to children in Mumbai dying of starvation. "It's OK, kids, you're gonna die for a great cause!".
  3. Um, in her original speech she was asking whole countries to change their ways, not just conglomerates. Among them, Brazil and China. And besides, if you know anything about, say, China, you will understand that such conglomerates created jobs and literally saved billions of people from poverty. People that are hungry NOW, not poor Greta living in an actual socialist country with a pretty great ecological situation still who's worried about her FUTURE. If these conglomerates shut down their factories tomorrow, what will our Greta do to save these children and their families? My main problem with this sutuation is that the forces behind Greta made it all very personal (for impact, obviously). The problem is, the center piece here is a girl from one of the richest countries of the world complaining about "her stolen childhood" and preaching about the very real and very important things in a very hamfisted and sensationalist manner; things she didn't really experience (or not to the extent that a child living next to a toxuc dump waste in Cambodia might experience). It's all very Lady Gaga to me; sad to see that the same kind of approach is now being applied to such important things as the climate change. With that being said, adults attacking a kid on social media is in extremely poor taste.
  4. I have no time for her, just like she has none for poor countries and children who live there. You know, the ones whos childhood was actually stolen.
  5. I wonder what her only fan here thinks about her these days. Still fabulous, eh?
  6. Back in the day we would bring porn to school and watch it when the teacher was away.
  7. Oh Jan, I totally agree! Must be some kind of emptiness inside that makes them admire notorious men like this.
  8. I know I really shouldn't say that but I wonder how these people would feel if something like that ever happened to their loved ones. Would they still say that he's just a misunderstood "shaman" (um, wut?) Those are not teenagers "sticking it to the man", we're talking about adults, I should add.
  9. There are SO MANY people saying RIP to him on IG it's really scary.
  10. ps. Something in those reports doesn't add up. He wasn't a high profile entertainer, in fact, he was going to be on Fame Academy as one of the contestants. And there was no need to torture "several men" to get to him, he wasn't hiding at all. His IG is still there too, it's just private. With that being said, Igor Kochetkov seems to know his shit as he's been helping gay people in Checnya for a while. My Russian is so-so but I can't any statement from him at the moment. Zelim's friends seem to think he's still alive, so we shouldn't lose hope!
  11. Zelim wasn't openly gay. We weren't friends or anything, but my impression of him is that he was really trying to get his singing career going despite so many things standing in his way. I'm not sure that drawing attention to his sexuality at this point is helping, to be honest. If he's still in one of their camps, that is. I'm saying this because there's still hope that their source is wrong. I refuse to believe he's no longer with us. I just can't.
  12. I actually think it's sweet that her mom did her best with such theme, haha.
  13. Hmm. Russian officials won't do A THING to offend Chechens because they are afraid of them, pure and simple. There are no laws for them.
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