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  1. I've seen her twice and she always seems to downsize her shows for smaller venues. I wonder why she didn't get sued ala Kylie back in 2008.
  2. She's 100% being paid to advertise these products. Has it really come to this?! Truly sad.
  3. Yes. I am saying exactly that. I also seriously believe she's 90.
  4. I respect your opinion but I actually think that they improve M's songs. I mean, I live for Nas on VVV or Nicki on IDGA. To use Chance instead of Jay-Z on Iconic was a brilliant, inspired idea. He's fantastic and a legend in the making.
  5. I wish she'd grow up and stop singing about sex. She's almost 90, she should be working with Jazzy P and MC Skat Kat, not Chance The Rapper!
  6. Fade Into You sequence is still one of the most beautiful things I've seen in a movie. I'll remember it forever.
  7. Because that's boring, no? I'm sure Madonna could keep Stuart for another album or two, but she didn't do that, just like she ditched Bray and Leonard in 1990 or Orbit in 2000. At the end of the day, record sales mean jack shit if you haven't made any impact. Do you think there'll be teenage girls saying 'I wanna be the new P!nk'? No wonder she's never given enough credit. And besides, it's all about the message you're trying to convey. P!nk is supposed to be a rebel, an antidote for 'manufactured pop' (even though I personally love it) yet just like Mariah she's stuck with her 10 year old formula. If she's only in it to sell tickets and get radio hits, fine, but don't paint yourself to be this alt girl. Same as Gaga liberating the 'freaks' then kissing up to the Russian government. It's the fake image I have a problem with. @KalamazooJay I honestly don't know see how Tina, Bruce, U2 or Cher (c'mon! Compare I Got You Babe to Take Me Home to I Found Someone to Believe, do they really sound anything alike?!) have been doing the same thing, but OK. The difference between Stevie Nicks and P!nk is that Stevie didn't do something different, flop with it and then stick to her gypsy image for eternity so she'd never have another flop. Unless you're saying that releasing safe, predictable, tailor made radio hits (produced by Max Martin, no less) is P!nk's her artistic choice?!
  8. That full quote is really something
  9. She's such a fake. The moment Try This flopped she ran to Dr. Luke for easy radio hits. Nothing wrong with that, of course, unless you stick to this for the rest of your career (which is what she did). Can you imagine Madonna sticking to the ROL formula or working with Stuart Price on every album after COADF? Meh.
  10. If it's true that Sonja didn't even know her aunt, telling her to go find her in the afterlife is definitely a new low, even for her.
  11. I think the movie was rather touching. I did feel really sad for her.
  12. I'm 99% sure this Devon person is a troll. Sounds just like that iconic TeamLamb guy.
  13. People on PopJustice are crying because the movie is that touching. They say there's nothing wrong with her auntie obsession, "her pain makes her unique" and if you don't feel this way about your dead relatives (even the ones you never really knew), you're a horrible person. I honestly don't know what to say.