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  1. All I Want For Christmas is KFC

    Why bring that shit from whatever forum that is here? Does anyone really care what some nobody thinks of M? There's nothing substantial there, just stupidity.
  2. Can we be sure those are not fake stadiums they came up with just to make her flop of an era look better?
  3. Laughing so hard at her fans on PopJustice saying she had all the big noms "in the bag". A true egg on the face moment.
  4. Mediatraffic is not an official chart. It's just some guy putting sales numbers he finds online together. Also, she's number one on Billboard 200 for the 2nd week, just like Hec said. With PURE sales, too. Way to go, Kylie! I mean, Taylor.
  5. Nah, definitely not this one although it's rather telling. Also, the album wasn't written in a week and she seemed really proud of it until it flopped and she "only did it because she had to".
  6. Madonna's streaming numbers are not that good. BUT, you've got to remember that Spotify users usually prefer male, rock or hip-hop artists. I don't think she's doing any worse than other divas.
  7. @Martin B. I can't find the exact quote but she did imply the album was bad, which is surprising considering she was really into it at the time of its release. I mean, even the tour setlist was like 80% Try This and 20% her first two (successful) albums. And yes, @Jazzy Jan, she doesn't seem to realize her reaction went viral mostly because of their feud. Can't just blame stupid Internet people here, haha.
  8. Basically, she said she didn't have time to rest, didn't want to be pushed around blahblahblah. It's funny because that was the only risk she's ever taken (the guy from Rancid co-wrote the album and they're pretty far from mainstream) yet to P!nk it was "shit".
  9. I like it because it's very raw and simple. It was irritating to hear her say she made a 'shit album' just to piss off her label. You've got to stand by your artistic choices regardless of sales numbers but hey, she's always been a hypocrite.
  10. I thought that performance was amazing, ha - plus I love that punk-rock take on Lady Marmalade. The censored bit is her singing "You are beautiful, no matter what they say" to Xtina's sex doll but I guess they had to edit it out not to get sued. Her whole Try This era was flawless, I miss that P!nk.
  11. Yup. It's interesting how the pop culture has changed; imagine the reaction if she released a song like Stupid Girls in 2017. Why is she so surprised people might think she doesn't like Xtina when she was pretty public about her distaste for her back in the day?
  12. I love Rita. Great music, looks hot and seems to be a nice girl.