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  1. "Ironic" "Juxtaposition" "At The End Of The Day..." "Absolutely!"
  2. Sanctuary + Bedtime Story + I Want You = the HOLY TRILOGY ::makes sign of cross::
  3. anyone remember this: The Holiday Collection? the next release(s) ought to be similar companion piece(s) for fans feat./ single edits of hits not appearing on any Madonna compilation "The '_____' Collection"(s)
  4. "We Are The World '08" Madonna featuring: Dan Aykroyd Harry Belafonte Lindsey Buckingham Kim Carnes Ray Charles Bob Dylan Sheila E. Bob Geldof Hall & Oates James Ingram Kate Massiff Jermaine Jackson Jackie Jackson LaToya Jackson Marlon Jackson Michael Jackson Randy Jackson Tito Jackson Al Jarreau Waylon Jennings Billy Joel Cyndi Lauper Huey Lewis & The News Kenny Loggins Bette Midler Willie Nelson Jeffrey Osborne David Paich Steve Perry The Pointer Sisters Steve Porcaro Kenny Rogers Dian
  5. honestly, i'd prefer she didn't touch anything she's performed since/including DWT -- save for possibly one or two of those numbers...not that i don't enjoy those, but i don't want to risk them becoming "stale" she stated in recent inteviews ::paraphrases:: "she must perform numbers that are entertaining for her to perform, as well as entertaining the audience" she's got an entire album worth of new material to focus on, shitload of back catalog from the past 20-odd years of recording, including a number of classics that haven't been performed in ages i'm sure her and her entourage -- pa
  6. hell yeah! these tracks are gonna tear it up at the clubs BTW, has long has it been since she placed simultaneous multiple entries on the HOT 100? ::been so long::
  7. oughta be the "Sweet Science Tour" (it's a boxing term) 2008 ::setlist to come::
  8. Bravo Everyone has done a brilliant job, thus far...looking forward to the rest!
  9. you are correct, moboy...when I speak of "official single", in this context, I ought to clarify by designating either "official, commercially-available single", or "official released-to-radio" single. Or, in certain cases, "promo-only" and/or "club-only" release (i.e. Impressive Instant) Thanks for clarifying
  10. I am not a radio expert by any stretch of the imagination; however, I am aware that (almost) any song can obtain radio airplay even if it is not designated an official single (with exceptions, of course). Madonna songs - that I am aware of - that recieved U.S. radio airplay, albeit limited, and possibly only certain areas of the country (w/o being designated an official U.S. single release, per se): Where's The Party (1986/87) Spotlight (1987) [peaked at #32 on US Billboard Hot 100 Airplay chart] Don't Stop (1995) Beautiful Stranger (1999) [peaked at #19 on US BB Hot 100 chart] Am
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