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Duggar Family Voting For Donald Trump In 2020


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Duggar Family Makes It Clear They Will Be Voting For Donald Trump In 2020
September 5, 2019

There is no doubt on who the Duggar family is supporting in the next presidential election.

The Duggar family are well-known conservatives and are not shy about saying so. Most of the family members seemingly voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election, and now it appears that they are once again giving their support to the current president in the next election in 2020.

News 5 out of northwest Arkansas posted a photo on Wednesday night via Instagram showing a pickup truck passing right by someone’s lawn that had Trump 2020 manicured onto it. While most people that happened to see this on social media may not have known who this property belonged to, the locals knew right away that this was the work of the Duggar family. It was also confirmed hours later by Anna Duggar, as she acknowledged the same photo on her Instagram Story.

Josh Duggar’s wife wrote, “Looks like Justin’s lawn ‘art’ is picking up some local attention.”

The Duggar family had previously mentioned that they were happy with the way Trump had helped to “turn America back to God.”

Derick Dillard had also told fans that he was voting for Trump during the 2016 election. When questioned about why he would support someone who has spoken about women sexually like Trump had in the past, Dillard clapped back that he doesn’t condone his personal behavior, but that he just agrees with the policies of Trump.

In the recent News 5 Instagram, one person referenced the same thing. They also called out Justin Duggar after his lawn picture was exposed.

The comment said, “Ask for an interview with Justin Duggar and ask him what Donald Trump has done that has made a positive difference in his life, that he feels this strongly that he should be re-elected. Then maybe show him the Access Hollywood tape, just for starters. Then again, he comes from the family that covered up what Josh did.”

The Josh Duggar dig was in reference to the molestation scandal that broke out in 2015. It was seemingly covered up by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. It has been assumed by nay-sayers that since the family may have “looked the other way” when it came to their eldest son and his sexual misdeeds, including cheating on his wife, Anna, that it’s possible that they are doing the same when it comes to Trump.

According to what Dillard had said in the previous election, the family is supposedly focusing on the policies, and not Trump’s past misdeeds. However, Jessa’s husband, Ben Seewald, went a different direction in the way he voted in 2016. He declared on social media in 2016 that he didn’t vote for Trump or Hillary Clinton. He also said that he didn’t identify with either party at that time.

There is no word from Seewald on how he will vote in the upcoming 2020 election, but it is loud and clear on how the rest of the family feels.


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These people are members of a cult. It really can't be described any other way. Drumpf (his real sir name, before it was changed!) has done just about every sin there is, including all 7 Deadly Sins, of which he has covered as well. The guy commits adultery on all three of his wives and folks like Jerry (Pool Boy) Falwell, Jr says it's okay. Jim Bakker threatens (with a * in his hand whilst he says it) the world will end if drumpf isn't voted back into office. It's just pathetically ridiculous what these people beLIEve. It is a cult of hate and panicking because America is not Lilly White like it used to be and some are getting a bit upset at the notion that white males, especially will be in the minority in a few decades. 

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