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Favorite Madame X Moments

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So now that we have had some time to digest the album, what are your favorite moments?  I think we did something similar for Rebel Heart and I enjoyed reading everyone's responses and sometimes it made me notice something I'd not heard before or paid too much attention to.  Hoping for that to happen again and to discover even more amazing things about this work of art.

Here are some of mine:


  • The opening 1-2 Cha Cha Cha
  • The absolute elation in their voices on the bridge or second chorus "  Si te enamoro (Si me enamoras)"
  • The way her voice goes up when she sings "it set me free"

Dark Ballet

  • The piano interlude
  • The way she over-enunciates the word "hoodie"

God Control

  • The moment when the children's choir first comes in
  • The sudden but smooth switch to the disco strings
  • The adorable sing song way she does the rap verse
  • The double meaning of "It's a hustle" (The dance and the "Con")
  • The melody and passion of the bridge starting with - "It's a weird kind of energy"


  • The horns!
  • The way she sings"Let your light shine" after Quavo's verse
  • The callbacks to Don't Tell Me in the bridge


  •  The drumming
  • The gorgeous and melancholy cello outro


  • The Fado guitar
  • The echoed "God knows what I am" in the pre-chorus
  • Her delivery of the  "e, e ,e" in the chorus


  • The guitar intro
  • The way she sings "This is how I'm made"
  • The entire bridge
  • Swae Lee's falsetto vocals


  • The accordian!
  • The passion with which she sings "My god look at me now!"

Come Alive

  • The percussion
  • The infectiousness of the chorus
  • The epic ending with the children's chorus

Extreme Occident

  • The vulnerability with which she delivers the chorus especially the repeated almost shouted "I wasn't lost"
  • The percussion that comes in after the second chorus
  • The lyrics in the bridge

Faz Gostoso

  • Her attitude throughout
  • The way her voice blends seamlessly with Anitta's
  • How catchy that chorus and post-chorus is!
  • How you can tell the song is naughty even if you don't speak the language

Bitch I'm Loca

  • The way she delivers the "Bitch I'm Loca" line like she's clearly in on the joke
  • The instrumental break
  • The cheeky way she delivers the "Um you can put it inside" line

Looking For Mercy

  • The melody and emotion in the pre-chorus "Somebody to teach me to love..."
  • The way her voice reminds me of Karen Carpenter when she sings"I'm looking for love"
  • The echoed "looking for mercy" before the second chorus kicks in

I Don't Search I Find

  •  The trace-like quality of the music
  • The way her voice goes up in the chorus on the second "Search"
  • The callback to the Vogue snaps
  • The way she speaks "Finally enough love" in her "Future Lovers" voice
  • The 90's nostalgia vibes

I Rise

  • The line "Just hold on to the little bit of magic in it" which reminds me there is always some beauty that is born from tragedy
  • The melody of "I can't break down now"
  • The sublime harmony vocals that come in with the second chorus
  • The way the song manages to be both heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time


I'm sure there are a million more moments.  What are yours?





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1 hour ago, dollhouse said:

Ciao Bella:

The first verse end with the word PUSH.

Yes!!!  I freaking love how she says that!! It shook me when I first heard that.  I need to post the bonus tracks too!  

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It’s our gypsy blood...

I remember jumping from my couch the first time I heard that. 

And then when the beat drops after she says, We shake hands with our fate...

In god control, When the beat drops and the funky guitar comes in and she screams A new demo-cra-cy!! 

That whole outro is at the level of Hung Up. I teared up the first time I heard it. 

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The hand claps and finger snaps in Killers are...well, killer.

”You may be young and hot, I’m not so sure that you can manage...this type of entertainment” in Loca.

”Flawed, flawed by design” in LFM.

The 30 second outro of Batuka. How beautifully ominous.

”Played the hand you dealt me, thought you felt me” in Crazy.

”Sometimes I don’t know” in Ciao Bella.

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there's so many... 

"it's a hustle!" + the whole rap in God Control

"it's do or die, yeah, my love life can get crazy" in Crave

"please don't criticize, please please sympathize" in Looking for mercy

"I'm going throught it, yea, I know you see the tragic in it, just hold on to the little bit of magic in it" in I rise

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' I was right, and I've got the right to choose my own life...'

'Let me catch my breath. Will we win this race. Swear the road is long, and the highway listens. Cause it's a long way....'


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One favorite moment (of many) is  the use of Portuguese language! It's one of my favorite languages that I feel often gets over looked for Spanish, French and even Italian. Love how its peppered through several tracks. 


"Eu sei o que sou e nao sou"
"O mundo e selvagem" from KWAP.

"Auilo que mais magoa e que eu nao stava perdia" from Extreme Occident


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