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MADAME X Covers & Tracklisting Revealed!

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2 minutes ago, JWAD said:

Love it! I hope this cover is the standard and the stitched lips one is the vinyl. In the UK most people buy their physical copies in supermarkets who only carry the standard versions of releases. I can't see them rushing to stock an album cover with her lips sown up. I'm loving everything about this era!!!! 




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28 minutes ago, Bretticus said:

Agree completely, I don't think Madonna is that morbid.

she's the same woman that wrote Mer Girl, which is haunting and beautifully morbid, I wouldn't put it past her.

also it can have more than one meaning, M isn't so one-dimensional. 

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18 minutes ago, side_streets said:

Somebody on Pop Justice claims that this is the third one. 


It just keeps getting better 😍😍


18 minutes ago, MrK1ngB33 said:

So is it going on Spotify in an hour or ZANE LOWe???  Trying to figure out what to listen too 

Both I think

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41 minutes ago, Kim said:

I'd say more a reference to women being silenced. It's so ghoulish and basic to relate this to the Oh Father vid and Madonna's mother.


Image result for sure jan gif


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