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Police brutality


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Wow. I'm floored. This really puts all our little problems into perspective.

Nikola, I hope you're doing ok. This should never have happened to you.

The next time I think, I may have a problem, I'm going to re-evaluate the things in my life which are trivial.

My thoughts are with you and so is my support. Also with your mother, she's a very important person in your life - stay strong for her and yourself.


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Thank you <3

Yes, my mother is so scared for my safety and she urges me to relocate for now because she was sure that police would protect me from treaths i was getting. Now I'm somewhere in-between.

Thank you once more, it means EVERYTHING! Thank you all, my friend just said to me that my name is derived from Nike (Greek Goddess Of Victory) so it should mean something :)

*big hugs*

You are going to get through this!!!

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All of these stories are really heartbreaking. I hope you can get some justice.

They absolutely are.

Ulizos, what happened to your friend is horrifying. Jesus fucking christ.

Fucking cops!!

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