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The "Rebel Heart" forum is closing April 1st.

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Guest Rocco Papa

Wanted to make one last post in this section before it closes.

What a great era this has been. I went into it without any expectations because I didn't want to be disappointed. I expected MDNA to be filled with as much promotion as Confessions. And, well, we see how that turned out! :laugh: Not to mention the fact that I didn't think the album was up to her level. Just my opinion. So I wasn't sure what to expect this time, but I was really excited due to all the studio photos and hints on Instagram. Once I heard the finished album, I was blown away.

To me, Confessions is a pure masterpiece. It's the album that got me through high school. Songs like Hung Up and Like It or Not really liberated me. I was disappointed with Hard Candy as a follow-up (have since grown to love it though) and I already expressed my feelings towards MDNA. I so badly wanted her to release an album that I felt was on the same level as Confessions. Not mention a kick-ass amount of promotion to match!

Well, I can honestly say this era has been all that and more. We not only got an album filled with songs that I feel once again tell my story, but we got a wonderful amount of promo! From the television performances, to the interviews, to the magazine covers, it was SO GOOD to be a Madonna fan during the Rebel Heart era! I remember the joy I felt while watching her performances on the Grammys and Jimmy Fallon. The album is a self-proclamation album. It's an album that I can relate to on many different levels. Ghosttown is the best ballad she's released in years, Bitch I'm Madonna is SO DAMN CATCHY, Iconic is SO INSPIRING, and Best Night is very sensual. I honestly don't give a fuck about how it did on the charts, sales-wise, etc. If the music is good, none of that matters as far as I'm concerned. And it came out during such a special, significant time in my life.

Then there's the tour. I saw MDNA last time at Yankee Stadium, but didn't enjoy myself for a number of reasons. One of them being the place was so big and the level of intimacy I like to feel at live shows was at an all time low. But it was a stadium after all. I got the chance to make up for that at the Rebel Heart show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Even though I had a very high seat, the venue was much smaller and the show itself was more intimate. There was a warmth from her and a closeness to the audience I felt so lucky to have experienced in person. I absolutely LOVED the fact that she opened the show with my two FAVORITE songs on the album (Iconic and Bitch I'm Madonna). The moment she sat down to do Who's That Girl, surprise the whole audience by singing Ghosttown for the FIRST TIME EVER on the tour, and sing Rebel Heart was my personal favorite! Hearing Rebel Heart live was particularly emotional for me, because I can relate to the lyrics of that song so much. I left feeling so happy and awestruck. Needless to say it more than made up for the Yankee Stadium show!

So, yeah, I didn't expect to write that much. But I guess I have a lot of love for this era. Great personal memories. A fantastic album, wonderful promotion, and a great tour that I got to attend! I will enjoy having this era to reflect on for years to come.


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