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  1. I had to do that at my last job in a cult-ish charter school during our "morning staff huddle" for this exact reason. So glad I quit
  2. Still hopeful about an official release of the RH leftovers (fabulous leftovers). A girl can dream.
  3. I can't pick! When I'm feeling happy it's LFL. When I'm feeling slutty it's Holy Water. When I want to be sad it's Joan. When I wanna be a trap queen it's BIM. When I want to karaoke in my car it's Ghosttown. When I want to sing a song about myself it's UB.
  4. Two teenagers I teach told me this is their favorite song on the album after I hounded them to listen to the whole thing. What a great influence I am on the minds of the future
  5. It pains me to vote Yeezy because he's definitely socially retarded, but the work he did to those songs was fire.
  6. I don't think I'll ever get sick of this song, it's still my car jam... Extra loud with windows open when someone's next to me.
  7. Crowd is off the chain! Especially for La Isla.
  8. Hoping it's Puerto! My crazy ass is taking a 26 hour holiday to PR next month cause I found tickets first row behind the right side of the cross!
  9. Could you imagine kids today knowing every word of a song that was not a single, didn't have a video, and wasn't played on the radio?!?!? Cause I can't. In other news, Kelly mah fuggin Ripa is just killin it in this video. Her Madonna fanaticism was clearly already in full swing in 88.
  10. This shit went waaaay over my head when it premiered even at 15. So hoity-toity. I was expecting TOD pt 2 and this is definitely not that. I want a RH docu rated X for eXtra fun! Pleeeeease!
  11. I think the intro is the same on the 7" and the Erotica version... I could be wrong though. Love em all
  12. The Miami Mix of Don't Cry for Me was HUUUUUGE when I was younger here in NY. I remember my gym teacher had a cassette tape of (obviously copied) music from KTU and the mix was on it. D&D... That intro tho...
  13. My first post! Woo! I would give my pinky toe for her to play at MSG again during this tour. Doubt it will happen but I would definitely be emptying my bank account for some die hard VIP tickets.
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